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Date Ready

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Colored by :iconundergroundcat: Date Ready By Kilala97 (Colored) by UndergroundCat, :iconlmoustache: Coloring skech by lMoustache and :iconsuperior-doc-fossil: Date Ready colored by Superior-Doc-Fossil

Crème: Come out Red June! I wanna see you!

June: I dunno...

Del: C'mon, Ah'm sure you look great

June: Okay... *comes out*

Crème: Ooooooh you look so pretty!

June: Thanks, Crème

Crème: This is so funny! We, like, switched places! I'm staying here in Ponyville to help on the farm and you're going to Caterlot for your date!

June: I don't think it's really a date....

Del: Sure it is! You're going to one of the fanciest restaurants in Canterlot! Lucky. Ah really wanna go there. Ah heard the food there is amazing! They've got everything like—

June: I'm gonna stop you there before you start fanboying over their food

Crème: You wanna go there, Goldie? Why didn't you tell me? We could totally go some time

Del: Really? Yeah we should definitely go next week or somethin'!

Crème: Yay! It's a date!

June: Wait, are you two... a couple now?

Del: Oh, no just friends. Good friends now

June: Oh, that's cool........................................ I don't think I'm gonna go to the restaurant. I'm not ready

Crème: Yeah, you are! You look great!

June: No, not like that. Like, emotionally. I've never been to Canterlot before.  Seems kinda..... scary. I'd rather stay here I think. 

Del: You'll be fine June. Canterlot's great

June: Can you come with me?

Del: Heh, June you're acting like a little filly on her first day of school. You really will be fine. Claire's gonna meet up with you as soon as you get there and you're date'll be ther too. 

June: He's not my date!

Del: Why're you in denial?

Crème: Who's your date anyways?

June: *sighs* He's not my date and his name's Valiant Heart

Crème: ...................

June: ..................... Valiant Heart. As in the prince of the Crystal Empire........

Crème: No, I know that, it's just that........ we used to date, too

June: WHAT? You did? W-well why'd you break up? He's not a bad guy is he?

Crème: Oh no not at all, he's very sweet and really nice. He really knows how to make a lady feel special too. You're a very lucky mare

June: Wait, you didn't answer my other question. Why'd you break up?

Crème: Hm? Oh, well we just didn't have that much in common. We kinda had a hard time understanding each other. It was a mutual thing

June: ...... but what's that mean for me then? We're complete opposites!

Del: Just because you two are opposites doesn't mean you don't have things in common. June, stop worrying and just go have a good time. 

June: Nnnngggh

Del: It's a double date. Claire and Illusion will be there too. Just relax and be yourself. It'll be just like you're hanging out with friends

June: ......... Okay

Crème: You better get going! Don't wanna miss the train!

June: Alright. Thanks again for letting me borrow your necklace. It looks expensive

Crème: Oh it was only a couple thousand bits

June: O_O

Crème: What? Did I say something wrong?

June: I'm starting to see why Del brought you over to the farm. Reality check huh?

Crème: ..........wha?

June: Haha, nevermind


Moar stuff! I feel like June would be the kind of mare who loves her home and would rather not leave as opposed to Del who oves travel XP

Again, free to color if you wish :) Anything in my gallery that is a sketch or lineart is color-able (lol) as long as you credit me and let me know :D
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bunnysecretsStudent Digital Artist
is there a sequel for this?
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FizzPuffHobbyist Digital Artist
I want to practice inking a bit more! I love your style, so I might try it out :)
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I mean, you've got to look good when you're going to be going on a date with the Crown Prince Imperial of the Crystal Empire, the first alicorn stallion since the time of Legend!
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DakaidoHobbyist General Artist
Almost done with Del :D
Trying out a new style, and even though it take a lot of time, i quite like it :D
Dakaido's avatar
DakaidoHobbyist General Artist
Just started lining this :D
I think, that I will try to color all your sketches :D
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What type of "work" will Crème be doing other then staring at Goldie's flank?
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greatgrizzlygirlHobbyist General Artist
more june please La la la la 
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You really don't know the value of a bit, do you Crème?

Crème: The value of a what?
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DieterAK94Hobbyist General Artist
Those eyes doe 0_0
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waraiigoeHobbyist Digital Artist
Ooh, let's hope her date is okay. :)
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Adorable, hope her date goes well. c:
I mean, I know it's not like she has a million bit necklace on, but I suppose a quaint little thousands-of-bits will suffice. :giggle:
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TheLoudMouthScoutHobbyist Traditional Artist
Looks like crème can slap down money like it was nothing.
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PinkHyrulePrincessHobbyist Digital Artist
Haha aw, Red June looks very pretty ^^ 
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MagicaITrevorHobbyist Writer
Gorgeousnesh. :3

So do we ever get to see any CMC stuff? Like, what happened to them? I think you said something about them SOMEWHERE, but I don't remember where.
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I ship just about all of your characters. Is that bad?
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EmmalineMagentaMayHobbyist Digital Artist
This is really nice
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HNNGGG I love Crème and Del together 
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AlanaPallatonStudent Artist
So cute! I would love to color this but I'm still a noob with ms paint. =_= lol
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LeDaverixHobbyist Digital Artist
cute :)
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Loving how awkward June looks with that fancy get-up. I imagine her time in Canterlot, Valiant nonwithstanding, would be comparable to Applejack's time in Manhattan.
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Love that bit about the 'reality check'.

Oddly enough, that's one of my favorite doujinshis.
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IzupieHobbyist General Artist
Awwww, Creme and Del are my total OTP. I love their interactions so much! She is lovely and compliments his personality so well~

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