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You guys rlly wanted a story for this one

Dove: Are you sure you want me to sleep over, mon canari?

Star: Mmhm. I don't feel comfortable leaving you all alone with your parents out of town. Plus they wanted you to stay here so my mom could keep an eye on you while they look for something to put an end to all this.

Dove: Star, I'm old enough to be on my own...

Star: But that doesn't mean you should be. Especially since I know that you'll try hurting yourself if you are.

Dove: .......... but what if something goes wrong? I do not want to mess up and put your family in danger.

Star: Well, we now know that your magic only goes out of control when you get inside your own head. Nothing bad's ever happened when you've been with friends. You just need to be distracted from yourself.

Dove: ..........................

Star: You'll be okay. Tu comprends?

Dove: Je comprend.

Bien. Maintenant va te coucher (Good. Now go to sleep).

Dove: *nods*

Dove: *whimpering in her sleep* Non............... nononono.........

Star: *begins to stir and mumble* Dove?

Dove: *hyperventilating* 
Ça suffit ! 

Star: Dove! 
Réveille-Toi (wake up)! You're having a nightmare *goes over and shakes Dove*

Dove: S-Star? 
Va-t-en! (get away)! *horn and eyes start glowing red*

Star: Non!

 J’ai dit va-t-en ! (I said get away)! *turns around and her horn catches Star's cheek*

Star: *winces and backs up*

Star, je suis tellement désolé (Star, I'm so sorry)! *backs away*

Star: No, no it's okay! Come here! 
Viens Ici ! *opens wings and smiles*

Dove: *shakes head and sits in the corner of the room*

Star: *inches closer*

Dove: Aaaaauuugh! *holds head as horn glows brighter*

Star: Dove! Dove, look at me! R
egarde moi!

Dove: *still screaming*

Star: *pulls Dove into a hug*

Dove: *starts struggling*

Star: *holds Dove tighter* Look Dove, wings! *ruffles her feathers in front of Dove's face*

Dove: *slightly opens eyes and gently presses hoof on Star's wing*

Star: There she is *presses muzzle to Dove's* Come back. You can beat it.

Dove: *horn and eyes stop glowing and she passes out*

Star: *sets Dove on the floor and lies down next to Dove with her wing over her*


Plz correct my French if it's wrong :D
Looks like a lot of you figured out this was connected to the Alicorn Amulet. A couple of you even figured it out when I posted Hurting by kilala97

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How does this translate to the human world? Does Dove scratch Star or something?