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Cotton Cutie

I was sitting at my computer for ages trying to think of a good picture of Candy to draw.  Most of my drawings tend to have some kind of story for these characters that build them.  Buuuuuuuuuut I still can't find a way to convey my thoughts about her in a drawing lol.  I'll get there though! In the mean time just look at her adorable face        
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Very cute. Seems like she heard somepony call Dell Mr Delicious, and is trying very hard not to laugh :D
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She looks so cute!
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I just need to say it.

Someone stole her and is putting her up for adoption on Pinrest…
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I may not be kilala but I put up a note on the pin after somebody adopted her and so Thank You I hate it when people do stuff like that - Sofie
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I love her hair!!!
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Gah I can't get over how perfect her facial expression is. I just love it so much! 
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She has her mother's adorable-ness
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She's just very cute. :)
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She's cute :D
Great job on this!
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this would be a nice print 
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One of pinkie's other girls. nice to see the res of the family.
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Ayyy so cuh-ute!!!!!
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"Say whaaaaaaat?"
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Cotton looks really cute here :D
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YAY! More Cotton Candy!
BuizelCream's avatar
Heheh, I can totally relate with your situation there. x3
However, she's really cute here with that expression =3
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MY EYES!! THEY BUUUUUUUUUUUUUUURN!!!Fire "riccardiscord brain.exe stopped working" windows 98 shutting down sound

too cute ç_ç
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Well there's your problem right there...*gives Windows 7 upgrade disk*
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