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BNHA OC: Reimu

Made a new bnha oc bc i wasn't really attached to the old one~

NAME: Reimu

HERO NAME: Hitodama


  • Can leave her body and fight as an untouchable spirit. Unfortunately, she can only be about 100 yards away from her physical (and very vulnerable, fragile) body.
  • It takes her quite some time to leave her body again once she’s returned. In her physical body, she’s essentially just a regular human being.
  • Her spirit self leaves a trail back to her real body so she’s easy to find and attack if you know this. 
  • It’s a tricky quirk to use since she has to fight while also making sure her body is safe and protected
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Her quirk reminds me of that silver haired girl from class 1b.Reiko Yanagi.

Would it be cool if I had your OC featured on my tumblr? (giving credit ofc) and possible mention her in my fanfic and have her featured in my version of class 1A?

She's such a good OC! keep up the great work!

Similar to hanzo in mobile legends

Wish I could make an oc but I can’t draw

I bet that's not true! I started getting into drawing when i was about in 3rd grade. Ever since then i have grown as an artist! I taught myself and never took classes. you can start drawing now all you have to do is follow a tutorial on youtube and go forward from there! i bet you can do it!

That really means a lot

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such a cool and creative character!

Please create another

What’s the name of the quirk?


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really neat :) can I ask how works the fighting while being untouchable? messes with other's spirit? or can make some parts material so to interact with the world around? 
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It's a :oraoraora: STAND 
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Oh my God she looks so awesome!!
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you are quite the  artist aren't you
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sIGGA MAH GAWD SHE IS LEGITIMATEELY ADORABLE!!! And she actually seems like a character that could exist in the main universe, super cool!
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wher' s her gorf
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Why does she reminds me of X....
But Amazing character though :>
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By untouchable, does that mean others can't hurt her but she can hurt others? Or that by merely touching her spirit, it would result in them being hurt?
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Well, hello there fellow Steven Universe enthusiast. I believe it is most like the former. They way her quirk is described, it makes it seem like she can move objects but she cannot be touched by someone else. 
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