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BNHA OC: Hitomi

twitter convinced me to watch bnha

i watched all of it in one night and made an oc
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I have a question, did you made up your name? Because I have an oc but I don’t know if I should put my name or a made up name?

THIS IS AMAZING! THE OC IS SO CUTE, should I do this... maybe

KaiCrayolaDA's avatar
honestly same about watching it. God i gotta post my Ocs
DinaAnkylo's avatar
Nice oC with good power and drawbacks
I like the idea! Plus it would look really cool to watch.
IMauve's avatar
I love her design, its cute
Super-Duper-Gal's avatar
Oh, what if she had hypnosis-sight?
She seems quite similar to Sir Nighteye.
Timeline-15's avatar
It's fantastic! It's like a U.A student mixed with a fusion from Steven Universe. No complaints here.
TheGingerBrynne117's avatar
Hey! Love your art! Could you by any chance draw my OC? If not that's fine.
Tokitobashi's avatar
Sir Nighteye but stronger
still cooler tho
Kaizo2018gamer's avatar
She reminds me of garnet with the future sight and cyclops from marvel with laser beams
Humatrix-X-24's avatar
Wait what do the left eyes do?
AkitaZeo's avatar
That's... basically four separate images(for each eye, blah-blah-blah, overlaying it into a 3D picture - sorry, medic triggered, I'll shut her up right meow... ha-ha-ha....) but it still hurst to process more than human brain if familiar to.

I love her using a nectie as a headband zee most~<3 She looks like a perfect mixture of being boyish and girlish at the same time in civil clothings~
Bobsvageme's avatar
Sorry to break it to you but there is a character that has future sight Nighteye

its from the manga
MLPowerpuff's avatar
Our OCs have the same name...
kianamai's avatar
oh worm! which character?
MLPowerpuff's avatar
I haven't really posted any art of her yet, since I've been writing down her bio and everything.

Her quirk doesn't really have anything to do with her eyes(since I believe that's what "Hitomi" alludes to, right?), just that they glow when she activates it.

I really like your OC, though!
Dracona-halfling's avatar
She is so cute! I love her!
Would it be alright if I drew her?
Void-Wolf's avatar
Very cool! Have you been keeping up?
MotoNeko's avatar
Pretty good design. Plus the quirk is not only good but reasonably limited. Giving the foresight a limit to 5 seconds is pretty handy and unabusable. The limit of opening more than one set is also a pretty fitting weakness. The design of the character looks like she could be in the anime. Very well done! :D
Inky-Tea-Art's avatar
Awww poor baby! What a cute OC! I love her!
Hazelwolf5's avatar
I love your oc and art style :3
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