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  • I usually do the sketch and most of the sketch stays as my final linework (depending on the style I'm doing)
  • I do VERY basic shading. I used to render a lot but now I couldn't be bothered
  • I haven't used any filters in a long time since I just draw and color in Storyboard pro now
  • I HATE DRAWING GROUP SHOTS. I'll do like 5 people max. I have had to do a lot of crowd shots for my job tho
  • I feel like my stuff leans towards cute but it's not like CUTE cute
  • The simpler the better imo
  • I'm a storyboard artist so my whole job is sequential art! Outside of work I'll do my own boards and small comics. But usually I post standalone character illustrations or sketches
  • I can't remember the last time I've done a serious traditional art piece
  • I've drawn original characters before but I do mostly fanart
  • I love doing art for fun but I've always drawn with having an art career in mind. And now I do!
  • I can NOT draw without having music, video, podcast or show playing in the bg

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Interesting to know. I'll be sure to keep this, in mind.

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Not bad! and Cool
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OMGEE, kindred spirit on 99% of your artist personality! :D

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I'm curious, I don't know why but... are you allowed to listen to music/podcasts/etc at work when you storyboard? I've always thought if that's ok to do in a work environment like yours!

I know, what a random question.
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Oh shoot our names are the same- LOL
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Good morning, Good Work!!!!!.
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Aww nice meme !! your color choices are pretty great love those <3 also YEA bottom lashes are great!!
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Spotting a little typo there, I start to wonder...

where can I get this devian tart and how does it taste? XD

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really cute!
awesome meme!
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Now I feel bad for making you do that NG group when I won that contest years ago
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I love your hairstyle ^^
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Cool to know. Also that little self portrait is pretty cute. What’s the R for?
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its for Rainbow Team Rocket
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