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hey i love pokemon
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I really do think that Jessie, James, Meowth, and Wobbafette should be good guys. I mean, literally, they have done so many good things for our travelling forever 10 Years Old hero against every evil organization, even on their own organization.

If they're a travelling Rangers, Officers, Sales Expert, Actors, and so on, they're great at it! But stealing is really not their specialty!!!

Jessie is a Great Fashion Designer while James is a Master Collector, Meowth can reach other Pokemons to speak the Human Language and Wobbafette is a top notch guardian Pokemon, aka a Pokemon who protects others, places, and so on. So who wouldn't say that they won't be successful all on their own.

If they always miss chasing after Ash and Pikachu, then a Travelling Fashion Designer and Collector is a Great job for them, while Meowth can still do the teaching part. And if there's trouble or when they meet Ash, they can just Battle for fun but with a goal, aka they wanted to finally win against Ash and Pikachu and such.
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I just loved that scene in the movie; it was my favorite part of the film, starting with their heroic reprise of the motto and culminating with the heroic sacrifice.
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Ah heck, another epic movie I gotta add to my watch list...

But ima be honest, this art is beautiful

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Personally I think Pokemon 2000 was the best pokemon movie.
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my favorite pokemon movie
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This scene was so awesome as a kid.  What am I saying? It's still awesome.
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ah the simpler times
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WOW so cute
pikachu so kawaii!!!!!
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Is this supposed to be when they worked together in the 2nd movie? Really loved that too.

Team Rocket isn't really that bad.
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I love it when protagonists work with the antagonists <3
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I remember when my dad took me to see that movie when I was 7. Ahh, good times.
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They're the reason why I clicked
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This will bring back memories!
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I loved that scene.
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I love this so much!
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Gotta love Meowth's smile. Priceless.
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It's incredible, beautiful, magnificent, I've never seen such a beautiful pokemon art.
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yes yes yes u deserve to be famous
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goodness the memories
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Why is this so awesome?! :D
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