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Created by Pandora



Hello everybody - sorry that things are a bit messy right now! We're currently undergoing a massive group revamp, and can't wait for you all to see the final product. <3

Your patience with us during this time is appreciated - our group will be functioning as normal, despite the lack-luster looks!

Species Info

What is a Micro/Toy Kiamara?

These initial, laboratory born Kiamaras are now what we call Micro or Toy Kiamaras. The Kiamara name was given simply because it rolled off the tongue. They retained the small size as well as the elongated tail of the Dormaalocyon latouri, but unfortunately, were not able to breed. The Dormaalocyon latouri DNA was so old that it simply created infertile creatures. Fortunately, scientists have opened up their laboratories to the public in order to create more of these adorable creatures! Micro/Toy Kiamaras are an open species. If you would like to create one, please read the information in the links below!

Micro/Toy Kiamaras (OPEN SPECIES) PSDs POSTED by pandoras-island Free Micro/Toy Kia linearts! by pandoras-island
Information and PSDs

Helpful Links

Additional Information

If you are trading/selling/gifting a Kiamara you must update the Kiamara-Archives . Any owner changes must be done through that account. Also approved revamps or updated references should be posted on archive, as well. To do these things, comment right on the kiamara's posted image on the account. (disclaimer; the kiamara archive is not complete yet so you don't have to follow this unless you know your kia is posted)

Helpful Links

Kiamara Terms and Conditions 2016Terms of Service
When you purchase/sell/acquire a kiamara from myself or anyone else, you are choosing to agree to the Terms of Service listed below. Please read them over carefully.
Main Rules
- Ignorance of rules is not a valid reason for breaking them - we will make no exceptions if you "didn't know it was a rule"
- Anyone can join the group! You don't have to own a kiamara.
- I retain partial Intellectual Property over every kiamara I sell, and therefore I have the right to ban/blacklist/give strikes/repossess/redistribute ownership over a design if you are blatantly breaking my Terms of Service and therefore terminating your rights to the species. This includes, but is not limited to all rules below;
- Treat all staff, members, and admirers with your full respect
- Don't complain about any member (including staff) purchasing/entering for a kiamara
- A kiamara may be your fursona if you so choose! You can decide on one of your existing kiamaras to be your fursona, or using a MYO sl
Traits guideI thought it would be a good idea to start this since kias are so widely edited. Pandora helped me, too!! -tater
common < uncommon < rare < very rare < legendary < god tier
also note- items don't count in rarity value; they're pretty free range and up to the owners digression
         HAIR EDITS
Edited mane - uncommon to very rareEdited tail fur - uncommon to very rareSpace matter mane/tail - god tierBald mane or tail - legendary
Body fur edits - rare
Beard - uncommon
Custom horns - rareNo horns - common
Long, short, wavy, curled horns - commonMore than two horns - very rareGlowing/spark

Kiamara Inventory Masterlist

** Please be aware that there are separate sheets within the file for the different events you obtain items from! **

To redeem an ITEM, post HERE as well as submitting to the group.
To approve a MYO you won from an event, post HERE as well as submitting to the group.

Staff Members

Species Owner

hey everyone, I'm the species owner! if you ever have any questions or concerns, please never hesitate to take them up with me <3

Species Creator

pan originally created kias way back in 2012, and has since passed the torch onto boxcarr!

Artist Team

:iconmazkerati: :iconcosmachu: :iconlyresandharps: :iconokamorei: :iconimagineflags: :iconalaskanalpaca: :iconteleporting: :iconchasingdreams4: :iconivyycaine: :iconrexodus-reloaded:


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mu dumb ass been waiting for updates and dint notice i wasnt in the group xD
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quick question Are we allowed to Co own Kiamaras? with other people?
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Is there a discord? I’d love a link if so!
Aarushii Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2019
where you get a costum one
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