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Dried Ocean



The sand plains is quite a desolate land but even there ecosystems emerge and human societies manage to exist. Boneyards and oasis' are littered throughout the plains, providing sustenance and materials for the sand kingdom to thrive on.

however, further north from the sand plains, lies what the inhabitants of the sand kingdom call the Dead plains. Miles and miles of what used to be part of the ocean floor has dried up. Leaving only salty dirt and cracked rocky surfaces with no nutrients for any plant-life to grow. here, any organic life can journey for no more than a couple of days before having all the liquids inside them dried up due to the high amounts of salt.

in the area where the sand and the salts meet, it is a very different story. Between the sand plains and the dead plains is an area where although no plants can grow, the amount of salts are not as deadly as the heart of the dead plains. carcasses of ships and oil rigs are scattered by the millions throughout this place. it is here that many human scavengers take advantages of all the easy-pickings. valuable materials not commonly found in the sand plains are just begging to be collected and perhaps, even sold for a high price to the sand kingdom. why live and receive average portions of food in the sand kingdom when you can get way more by trading a bunch of junks for'em?

Since the sand kingdom doesn't have enough manpower to claim the land, self-proclaimed rulers started rising, each with their own little 'kingdoms'. some territories formed alliances with the neighboring rulers, others are more hostile and steal or raid resources from one another. one common similarities shared by the territories are that the rulers have established connections with the sand kingdom. Trading salt, metal, weapons,electric circuitry or components, and ancient technologies in exchange for insane amounts of resources from the kingdom including food, water and bone materials. Most territories allow all wandering scavengers to pick up anything they can find with the sole term that they would trade those materials with them or with merchants from the sand kingdom at the provided merchant points in said territory where the rulers would collect a percentage of the resources traded by the merchants. This system is kept in order by the watchers, peacekeepers employed by rulers to make sure every daily activities are proceeding accordingly. They wander through the crowds, silently registering every move that happens, overseeing the overall situation high above in the shipwrecks on the lookout for raiders or rogue scavengers. The rulers of the shipwrecks want only the finest of experiences from their passing money-bags.

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A great picture, and the fascinating description only makes it better. Needs more love!