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Eurypterid Overfishing
one of the oldest creatures to have roamed the silurian oceans that despite all the odds, has survived to the present day alongside the horseshoe crabs, taking a massive hit during the permian great dying and later cretaceous paleogene extinction, but miraculously bounced back into the seas sometime near the end of the latest ice age.

however now these eurypterids are facing a danger greater than what Earth has thrown at them since the dawn of time. As ocean acidification increases at a rate never before seen, their exoskeleton get more and more brittle with every generation without leaving them with enough time to adapt, and overfishing to meet the demands of the global seafood market has caused their size to slowly shrink throughout the century.

(it's been months yet again, and i have feeling it will be months again before i even upload something, and it seems college will only get even more and more intense going forward, still i always find time to do something outside of school to keep my sanity and not burn-out on art in general)
Stegosaurus Plate Soup
Ever since Savannahs started emerging in Africa the only known location where stegosaurs survived the Cretaceous paleogene extinction, their habitats have been limited to the few humid subtropical areas of the continent 
This already puts pressure on their population numbers, so when humans came into the scene, the rest was history. Today, only three species of stegosaurs are still extant, and all of them are facing their demise from poaching. Their plates fetch a high price in places like China where it's believed that they have beneficial medicinal properties. The first couple of small plates are what the poachers really after, because people want to have that iconic plate in a soup picture. Adults are also less likely to be hunted because of their size and how tough their plates are, instead it is the infants that are being killed for their young soft plates.
Modern Plesiosaur
Populations of plesiosaurs have been declining world wide, all but a handful of large species now still roam the open oceans while smaller plesiosaurs fare even worse from poaching and pollution, those living along coasts and mangroves have pretty much vanished.

A small deep sea dwelling plesiosaur had recently been discovered, a peculiar one which has adapted to filter feeding In the frigid ocean depths of Greenland and Iceland. However, this animal too is already at the brink of extinction, as the very few that were discovered were those tangled in fishing nets and choked to death after ingesting microplastics carried over from ocean currents all over the globe.


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Aldrich Hezekiah
Artist | Student | Digital Art
i'm college student, recently moved to singapore and i have always loved to draw since i'm young. right now i aspire to be a concept artist and i hope that i will get better and better as time goes by



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