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A commission for my good friend Aaros
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OblivionShadow345's avatar
You draw so well. I wish I could draw like you
Wishingpole's avatar
i know someone who walks on fire
Unbrydled's avatar
wonderful lighting affects!!
championofhades's avatar
wow, i absolutely love this. The lighting mixed, along with the fabulous mix of the feathers and batwings makes this a wonderful piece of artwork. Funnily enough, i can't help but imagine a sarcastic hero wandering and proclaiming "Behold, it is Aarosonphilia, the parrot of doom!" before being utterly roasted by this beautiful creature.
PreciousBliss's avatar
Awesome Creations Work :D :love:
Debior's avatar
Hermoso. beautiful.
Moodlight14's avatar
Wow!!!! that is sooo cool, amazing work! :)
Lonemtnwolf's avatar
The bloom of light under the wing is amazing :D Great work! All I can think is 'hot feet hot feet hot feet!'
Snoodle-dragon-B's avatar
Love the use of the fire as a light source! and how you made it effect the colour of the dragons under belly and wings! Very good attention to detail!!
astercrow's avatar
love the fire and under-lighting!
Skaizek's avatar
I love this dragon in flames!
Zykedragon's avatar
Wow....just wow
ArtisticAbraham's avatar
Dang Look at those Feathers!
Enigmatic-Ki's avatar
Love it *-*
Its sooo.... firey! :D
zoidledoidle's avatar
Wow that's incredible! The lighting is absolutely fantastic!
The fire is amazing too~<3
LauraBev's avatar
This is beautiful <3
Zmaj-dragon's avatar
Nicely implemented feathers. Fire is also masterfully drawn. Good job, man. :)
MrE380's avatar
Bouns for me even adding this to my favs
MrE380's avatar
Amazing simply amazing
Dragonboy89's avatar
I don't know what to say. The beauty just stuns me :)
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