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Today, Caelum Lex turns one! That's right, it's been a whole year since we started this project and we're so thankful to all of you readers who have made it such a great experience along the way. To show our unending appreciation, we're holding a celebratory giveaway! Here's how it works:

Starting tomorrow (Sunday September 22nd), we will be picking one winner each day for 10 days.

That means there will be 10 winners total!

What can I win?

All 10 winners will receive a sketch of anything they want, anything at all, as long as it fits on a 3x5 notecard that will be mailed straight to you! Who doesn't love getting mail? If you don't want to give your address, that's fine too! You'll just get a hi-res scan instead.

The 1oth winner, chosen on Monday September 30th will receive their notecard sketch AND they will get a fully inked and colored digital illustration of anything they please (within reason of course).

How do I Enter?

There are six ways to enter, listed out below. You can do just one of these items and be entered once, two and you'll be entered twice, three, entered three times, so on and so forth. This means you can enter as many times as you like! Obviously, the more you enter, the more likely you are to win.

- 1 entry for commenting on this journal on Deviantart

- 3 entries for posting a journal about the giveaway on your own Deviantart profile (note me with a link please!)

- 1 entry for leaving a comment with your name and email on this post at

- 1 entry for sharing that post on Facebook (pinned at the top of our page for easy access)

- 1 entry for sharing that post on Twitter (link at bottom of post page)

- 1 entry for every reblog of this post on Tumblr

Remember, we'll be picking daily winners starting tomorrow, so the earlier you enter, the less of a pool, the more likely you are to be one of our ten lucky winners!

Good luck!

Winners so far:
Day 1: aendrestol
Day 2: bluejotain
Day 3: shadow7-7
Day 4: trizrocks
Day 5: Fins
Day 7: tinchicken
Day 8: rathoren
Day 9: cookei-fox
Day 10: mimmime
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Congratulations :iconcookei-fox: !!! =D =D