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Hello! I hope there are some KHR fans still out there...

If you're still in the fandom, please check out Namimori-High. We're based on the 20th generation of the Vongola--eighty years have passed since Tsunayoshi's time. 

We are a storyline based role play group, so there is no need to submit one art piece as an activity check. We only require members to submit a literature response to the storyline each month. 

Also! I guarantee that everyone will have a role in the storyline! Guardian positions are open to the members as well as regulars and CEDEF members-in-training. 

If you don't want your character to be a mafia high school student, you can make your character a regular student! They will still have a role in the storyline, so don't worry!

Thank you for reading and I hope you will consider checking this group out!

It won't let me submit my art on any other folder except Featured. Is there a reason why?
I'm so sorry, I must to edit that fail! Dx 
Just wait! TwT/
Okay! No problem!
Problem was resolved! 
Now you can submit in all gallery! :D 
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No puedo subir nada!!!! hay que ir a administrar grupo para editar todos esos detalles---:)
En serio? Lo siento mucho, aún no sé cómo manejar los grupos en deviantART Sweating a little... Waaaah! Intentaré hacer lo que pueda!!