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Hello! Welcome to KHR-Lovers , this group is for all fans of this magnificent and spectacular anime that has been created in the hands of Akira Amano.

:bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletblack: RULES :bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletblack:
The Only Three Rules we have is :
:bulletorange: The drawings must be at KHR
:bulletorange: Put the images in the correct folder (Fanfics into "Fanfiction" folder, etc ... )
:bulletorange: Don't submit art that is not yours!

We accept any type of art, we will never deny a person's art.
hey . i and a frend is making a katekyo reborn rp but it is about theys kid. and we was think why do we dont can ask if somone want to joine the rp. this rp is going on skype and facebook. so the you onlie need is to foind two caarakter frome the series katekyo. Comentar or send me note. thise is a eks on the charakters who we alreade have make
kesuyoshi /kesu sonn of tsuna and kyoko , he is the next vongola and will get the sky vongola ring
shurui  sonn of ken and chrome and will get the lightning ring
kiritsu sonn of hibarie and the mother no one nows and he will get cloud.
and we have one white mist but we dont know his name. but he is the soon of kakipii and the mother we dont know

so that you onlie neeed to do is make a ref to a char and comenter or send note white a ref and infomation of the char and you must make a facebook to him or she. and your skype user.
so thise will be a rp about the vongola 11 and i hope you will joine the rp
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