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Let Them Eat Cake

The pic of Celestia eating the cake in the last episode reminded me of the stock photo of Homer snarfing down a bday cake, so yeah, this happened.
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Me when I see cake
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*snrk* Great one.
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This is the picture she sent in for her Princess Acceptance Exam.
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Celestoinette strikes again!
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To the untrained eye.
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I've wasted so much time laughing at this XD
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Damn, I love this fandom! Awesome job!
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XD and then she did the "squeeeeeee" sound effect and everyone bawwwwwwwwwwwed
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celestia just moved up a notch in my favorite pony scale. also is that title a bad religion reference?
It's actually a history reference to Marie Antoinette.
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One that's been misinterpreted a lot through the years. Do your research, though. Here's a start: [link]

But MAN, Celestia loves cake like a fat kid likes being a jerk to everyone because he feels bad about himself for being fat.

Very well done on the picture khorme! Her eyes really sell the scene.
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Your comparison made the entire world facepalm, congrats on being retarded.
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This is cuter than the idea of stuffing ones face with cake ought to be.
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You can't eat all that cake, Celestia!
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:iconcelestiaorlyplz: Challenge accepted.
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The ponies of equestria are hungry and the dam princess is stuffing her face. Enough with this monarchy, this calls for a revolution!
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This was my first thought upon seeing it.
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iam ok with this
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