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The Year of 2012 is my Year of "the new and easy Way". Since 1996 i have been worked on my own Fantasy-World "Khorghil". In this time my personal taste in fantasy and the trends of fantasy itself has changed. So after years of correction my world it is time for a big break. Back to the roots, back to the beginning. And here it is... the new world of Khorghl... started with this General-Map.

I am going to give myself about 2 years to finnish ALL content to this world. I will write it down in books and of course paint it down in lots of illustrations. You will see (and read) them all here :-).

The source-file of this map has the size of DinA2... the fontsize is pretty to read in the original. Regionmaps from the NW, NE, SE and SW and a political Realm-Map will follow soon.

I really hope, you like it cause this will be the base of my doings the next 2 years

All kind of Khorghil-Illustrations especially the names wich are older than 2012 arent current. only a few will jump in my new Khorghil-Portfolio but they will be redesigned in several ways.

Stay tuned for more and big greets

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I'm honestly just blown away by the artistry in this map. I love the way you've blended labels into the terrain itself, though I don't think this is a very practical map on, say, an RPG or for a book: some of the fonts, though they suit the theme of the map, are very difficult to read.

It's spectacular, though, and you can tell so much time has gone into it. I've never seen anything quite like this and I would love to have a poster of this on my wall. All of the elements are unique and personal to this world, and you've combined them flawlessly. I agree that the river appears to be elevated rather than sunk in, but everything else just looks amazing.