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Witcher OC

Character  Nameless
ay so i started watching the witcher and i am so in love! i been sleeping on some good shit, i am still slightly confused but i am excited for whats to come, since i am not much of a reader and dont own the game ill just wait for the rest of the show to be made lmao

anyways here's my Witcher OC, they are nameless as of yet but if u got some sweet spicy names feel free to suggest! i fried my brain thinking of names and generators got me some ??? names like Elis, Vulard, Reinha and Yarshan, HOWEVA none of these hit me in the face right so blegh

Name: nameless
gender: Non-Binary (they/them)
age: ?? looks young, man
Occupation: Witcher 
Height: tall 
Specialty: tiny knives and choking ppl with legs
hobbies: stealing from local bastards at local bar
dislikes: exposure and the hot breath of strigas

oki aight bYE 
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They have a pretty cool design! :)

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thank you! i tryy ;;^;;

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Loving this! Awesome work!:)
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them* (sorry for the confusion i forgot to include the pronouns aa) and thank you!! i am happy people are liking them, my first published oc hehe

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This looks epic👍🏼😍
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