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God Loves You

You've got your proof.
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e7em's avatar
hehe 7elwe!:D

//2al leh allah chouyou3i? la2an ma ello rab! :D// (min wa7i el mounesabe)
kho13's avatar
simplenut's avatar
haha so funny ^^
Prtoujours's avatar
God hates me big time.. do u think it's because I hate him? and he wanted it to be mutual?
kho13's avatar
you guys need to talk!
Prtoujours's avatar
I can't talk to him..
kho13's avatar
u have to try
faith-redeemed's avatar
hahahaha @ the "i dont get it"...
kho13's avatar
Tala-Hassounah's avatar
well, my selff.. i believe god loves me!!
god hates no one!!
kho13's avatar
you're free to believe what ever you want :D
caturs's avatar
i dont get it.
kho13's avatar
ppl always says that god loves you and this stuff, no one actually care what god thinks
caturs's avatar
but wouldnt it be lame to conceive That Entity which brought you to existence as someone who hates you? it's self-defeating.

My God must be different from the god you know.
kho13's avatar
it's the same God, everyone has its own relation with him.
I didn't say he hates me!
and please I don't want to open ideological subjects :)
caturs's avatar
<quote>and please I don't want to open ideological subjects</quote>

-posting a deviation like that, you should have seen it coming.

annnnyway, ill let you be with your ambivalent and contadictory paradigms.
kho13's avatar
it's posted under mature content - Ideologically sensitive materials ;)
Mawasi's avatar
haha that's funny
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