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(Iceland X Reader) Blissful Sentiment
~ ~ ~ Blissful Sentiment ~ ~ ~
(Iceland X Reader)
Þitt er mitt og mitt er þitt
Þú veist hvað 
ég meina
Delicate strokes of the pen tickled the sheet of paper underneath - gently designing the most intricate words. 
Distinct passion was present as each word was written.
An imaginary wonderland forged of honest emotions and endearing thoughts.
Uncovering the realistic nature and heartfelt compassion that ignited the fervor in the frigid heart.
Pure desire and jolliness were expressed through grandiloquent verses - that abide bound to the frail heartstrings of the romantic soul.
The juvenile author behind the masterpiece - a light-skinned lad with unkept hair, whose mauve irises mirrored the blazing elation stemmed in the core of his pieces of poetry.
Perceptible refinement was detectable in his fluent calligraphy - he had a wholehearted apprehension in the mea
:iconkhmewkairi:KHMewKairi 28 4
(Sweden X Reader) Sunset Seduction
Usually nothing much unnerved (Name) Jones, except for the time when her big brother - Alfred, was bucked off at a local Rockwall Rodeo event and broke his back.
He was tossed five feet into the air and landed hard onto the ground with a sickening thud.
Alfred's injury was severe enough to have his older sister (Name) leave to a foreign country permanently.
She wanted to visit him at the hospital...

Yet the obstacle was that she was currently residing permanently in Västergötland, a small province within south-west Sweden.

(Name) shuddered at the memory, and thanked the Heavens that her brother was alive, as well as hyper as ever. But as she sat behind the wheel of her truck driving towards her fate, a sudden fear was making her blood rush through her veins, which had nothing to do with Alfred's doomed ride and his retirement from rodeo. This fear was much different - it scared her witless and made her doubtful. 
It made her wan
:iconkhmewkairi:KHMewKairi 49 2
(Iceland X Reader X Norway) Christmas Mischief
The sweet and pleasant scent of freshly-baked gingerbread cookies lingered in the air, as a tall rambuncious Dane stepped into the kitchen, a silly expression grazing his features.
"It smells good~" The tall Dane grinned childishly, glancing over to a {H/C}-haired girl, who only chuckled in response.
"They're not ready yet, Mathias." The young {H/C}-haired female stated, as she placed the cookie tray aside.
Mathias licked his lips as he set his cerulean irises on the tray full of gingerbread cookies.
The young female sighed at the overly-tempted Mathias, as she handed him a cookie.
"Only one, okay?" (Name) said, staring at a grinning Mathias with her enchanting {E/C}-colored eyes.
"Tak!" Mathias exclaimed in a childish manner, as he quickly sprinted out of the kitchen, leaving (Name) alone with all the Christmas props.
Hacking coughs could be heard within a small room, which belonged to a kind-hearted young Finn named Tino.
He was known by everybody as Santa Claus, famous for bringing
:iconkhmewkairi:KHMewKairi 84 5
(Norway X Wolf!Reader) Wolfheart
Deep within the dense forests of south-east Norway...
There's a man who bonded with the wildlife...

Morning light illuminated the vast woodlands, the tree branches rustled in the gentleness of the wind, as small golden-brown colored leaves fall, one by one, rocked back and forth by the autumn breeze.
A young man patrolled the woods, as his unemotional dark-blue eyes gazed around the forestiere surroundings. He is known by the civilians in the nearby village as Lukas Bondevik. He is in charge of protecting the wildlife that thrives within the timberland. And, of course, he has formed a perpetual bond with the animals.
One in particular...
A female wolf.
The Norwegian glanced upwards, only to catch a glimpse of a canid-like figure in the far distance, standing proudly by the hilltops, its ears straight and erect, its {H/C}-furred body stiff, and glistering {E/C} eyes.
The young Norwegian only chuckled under his breath, upon sighting the wolf.
Ah, you
:iconkhmewkairi:KHMewKairi 284 28
(Finland X Astraphobic!Reader) Warmth
Whenever I look at the stormy night...
I still shiver.
A young {H/C}-haired girl stared at the window, as she watched the raindrops trickle down slowly on the cold glass surface, a raging storm unleashed its fury.
The {H/C}-haired female hugged her legs, as she shuddered, she felt cold air enveloping her whole form.
In the midst of this unknown feeling and loneliness...
A kind, Finnish-accented voice sounded through the darkness.
"(Name), are you alright?"
Letting out a quiet gasp, the {H/C}-haired female turned around, only to lay her {E/C} eyes on a short figure, his face hidden by the obscure darkness.
As the mysterious man stepped further into the trail of moonlight reflected by the windows, his face was enlightened by the moonrays.
His eyes shone a bright turquoise, the moon's dim light gave the man's short blonde hair a blue tinge.
Confusion washing over her, the {E/C}-eyed girl blinked, staring endlessl
:iconkhmewkairi:KHMewKairi 46 5
(Nordics X Orphan!Child!Reader) Second Chance - 4
The bright sunrays of the morning reflected though the windows of the dorm room of a certain Icelander, who shifted on his bed, trying to find a comfortable sleeping position.
The young Icelander's eyes fluttered open, to see that (Name), his five-year old adopted niece, wasn't next to him.
(Name) was indeed a morning child.
Huffing in annoyance, the Icelander groggily sat up on the bed, as he rubbed the sleep from his somnolent amethyst eyes. He wasn't really a morning person, but if it's his niece...Well...
Suddenly, a bed-headed Norwegian stepped into his younger brother's room, with (Name) in his arms. The {E/C}-eyed toddler just woke up as well, as she yawned cutely.
"No need to panic, brother dear. She's with me." Came the Norwegian's monotone voice, as his nimble fingers stroked (Name)'s messy {H/C} hair.
"I wasn't panicking." The Icelander scoffed, gazing away from his older biological brother.
The usually uncaring Icelander hadn't forgotten what happened the pre
:iconkhmewkairi:KHMewKairi 152 27
(Prince!Iceland X Princess!Reader) Puffin Prince
Prince Emil Steilsson...
I've heard that name before...
Princess (Name) walked around the Royal Gardens, as the bittersweet breeze of the early morning made her gorgeous {H/C} hair flutter elegantly.
Rumors have been spreading around our kingdom...
Rumors about Prince Emil...
Saying that he is cold-hearted and reckless.
Yet I do not believe these rumors, since...
I haven't met him in person yet.
The young princess' {F/C}-colored dress swayed gracefully, as Princess (Name) stopped near a small grassland where certain flowers grew.
Beautiful white flowers, an emblem of Prince Emil's kingdom...
White Dryads.
Smiling confidently, the young princess kneeled down, as she picked the delicate white flower, and brought it to her nose, to feel its pleasant scent.
As a Princess, I have to assume my duties...
My parents, Queen (Mother Name) and King (Father Name), are in desperate need of money to maintain the well-being
:iconkhmewkairi:KHMewKairi 213 39
(Bartender!Iceland X Reader) Northern Lights
Glamour Night - Iceland
Northern Lights sounds really sweet...
(Name)'s {E/C} eyes blinked with curiosity, as she placed the "Tonight's Special" card onto the bar table.
"Northern Lights." (Name) said, catching the attention of the Swedish bartender, who was polishing the bar table.
"Em'l w'll s'rv' y'." (Emil will serve you) The Swede stated, as he continued to polish the bar table.
The young Icelandic bartender came to face the {H/C} haired female, as he adjusted the white ribbon around his neck.
He was suddenly slided a mixer by the Finnish bartender, who smiled brightly, as he poured himself a glass of Midnight Sun.
Huffing, the Icelandic bartender, looked over to (Name), who quirked an eyebrow at Emil.
"Well? Aren't you going to prepare the cocktail for me?" (Name) said, getting a little impatient.
"What were you expecting?" The Icelander stated rather nonchalantly, as he was tossed
:iconkhmewkairi:KHMewKairi 120 21
(Military!Norway X Reader) Sinnsro
Lukas Bondevik.
He is only one out of 98 remaining Norwegian Royal Army soldiers fighting in Afghanistan.
Tens of thousands of people were slain in this raging war...
(Name), a young girl, a good friend to Lukas since Elementary school, was worried sick about him, as she waited day and night, hoping that he would return alive. (Name) felt so lonely without Lukas, that she would stare far into the distance, waiting his arrival.
"It's been years since his departure..." (Name) spoke to herself, as she gazed around her, letting the Spring breeze blow through her dazzling {H/C} hair.
Please Lukas...
Come back safe.
I need you by my side...
I miss you...
(Name)'s mind was flooded with thoughts about Lukas, her dear sweet friend that she cares deeply about. She doesn't even know what she'll do if Lukas would never return...
~ ~ ~ Time Skip brought to you by Hungary and her frying pan ~ ~ ~
(Name)'s {E/C} eyes stared with a hint of
:iconkhmewkairi:KHMewKairi 151 19
(Nordics X Orphan!Child!Reader) Second Chance - 3
"Daddy! Daddy! Play with me!" The 5 year old girl cried playfully, tugging on her Swedish father's sleeve. The Swede averted his sights towards the young girl, who was playfully jumping up and down, wanting to be picked up. 
"Hm." The Swede nodded, setting his book aside, as he picked (Name) up gently, and placed her on his lap. Grabbing a nearby Swedish-flag hairbrush, The Swede began to gently brush (Name)'s lush {H/C} hair, grabbing two yellow and blue ribbons from the nearby coffee table, the Swede tied (Name)'s {H/C} hair into two pigtails. (Name)'s Finnish father came over as well, as he sat near the Swede, who had (Name) on his lap.
"(Name), would you like to watch Moomins?" The Finn smiled, as the little girl became excited, knowing what the Finn was talking about.
"Yeah, daddy! I wanna watch Moomins!" (Name) said excitedly, bouncing on the Swede's lap.
The Finn chuckled softly, as he groggily got off the couch, to fetch a VCR cassette of Moomin cartoons.
(Name) grinned in
:iconkhmewkairi:KHMewKairi 139 23
(Bartender!Norway X Reader) Norwegian Rose
Glamour Night - Norway
Norwegian Rose sounds mighty tempting...
(Name) scanned the given card with concentration in her {E/C} eyes, as she gazed up towards a certain Norwegian bartender, who had his dark-blue irises set on her, waiting for her choice of cocktail.
"I choose Norwegian Rose." (Name) said, placing the card down onto the bar table.
"Ah, looks like Lukas will serve you tonight, (Name)." The Finnish bartender said, as he tended to some bottles of flavouring.
"You have good taste, min elskling." The Norwegian said, as the  bartender tossed the Norwegian a bottle of Whisky.
(Name) watched in utter curiousity, as the Norwegian began to balance the certain bottle of Whisky with a bottle of Rum, on both of his hands. (Name)'s {E/C} eyes widened, as she could see the Norwegian smirk a little.
"Like what you see, min kjære?" Lukas asked, in his well-known monotone voice.
(Name) blushed furiously,
:iconkhmewkairi:KHMewKairi 177 11
(Bartender!Sweden X Reader) Heart Of Stockholm
Glamour Night - Sweden
Heart Of Stockholm sounds good...
(Name) eyed the given card carefully, as she slammed it on the table.
"Heart Of Stockholm is my choice." (Name) said proudly.
"Berwald will serve you tonight, (Name)." The Norwegian said, as he poured himself a glass of Bloody Mary.
"Haha, Sve, she's all yours!" The Danish bartender laughed, slamming his hands on the bar table, making the {H/C}-haired female flinch.
"Mhm." Is all that came as a reply from the stoic Swede.
(Name)'s {E/C} orbs averted towards the Swedish bartender, who just took out a bottle of Punsch.
As he examined it closely, narrowing his greenish-blue eyes, and brushing his fingers on the glass surface of the bottle.
Setting the bottle onto the bar table, Berwald grabbed a nearby mixer, as he began to add the necessary ingredients for the drink.
Seeing that the Swede was busy, the smiling Danish baretnder snickered, as he slid a classic co
:iconkhmewkairi:KHMewKairi 153 7
(Bartender!Nordics X Reader) Glamour Night - Intro
Faint snoring could be heard from within a small office. 
A young woman, possibly in her twenties, had her head resting on her hands, she passed out while doing some paperwork.
"Mrs. (Last Name)!" came a stern, masculine Belarusian accent.
"Mrs. (Last Name)!" The voice repeated, as it grew louder, waking the unsuspecting female up, making her jump.
:iconkhmewkairi:KHMewKairi 127 67
It's Our Hetalia
This beautiful and boundiful world...
That becomes fuller and richer everyday
Our world's inner beauty shines brighter...
Nature blooms at every step
Animals, great and small, come as tiny lives...
Take my hand, let's form a circle
Spin around you will see...
An enchanting world before your eyes...
What you seek

Could be there...

Within this delightful and abundent world...
Hand-in-hand, you sing and dance 
To the natural rythm of the world around us all...
Eat pasta and smile

This beautiful world awaits us...
You can hear around yo
:iconkhmewkairi:KHMewKairi 13 5
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The newest additions of my fanfictions. English is my second language, so I may suck at it. ^^; I hope you enjoy reading my Hetalia Reader Inserts! :3

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I dedicate my life to Hetalia, Cosplay, and Writin

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     bunch of smiley facesbunch of smiley facesbunch of smiley facesbunch of smiley facesbunch of smiley facesbunch of smiley facesbunch of smiley facesbunch of smiley facesbunch of smiley facesbunch of smiley faces
bunch of smiley faces
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happy birthday~!! <33
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Thank you for the watch~ :hug: Very much appreciated~ ^^


And just an info : If you wanna keep in touch in my new creation & the most recent updates, you may follow me in…


Thank you,

Rene Alexa~ :heart:

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You're welcome, sweetie!~ :heart: rvmp :heart: rvmp :heart: rvmp 
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