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Hey guys! I've entered into Hottopic's FanFactory Disney Princess contest, and three of my designs were chosen! 
It would mean so much if you could vote for them here VOTE NOW These are my designs:
  Diamond Princessses by khkairi12 Princess of Honor by khkairi12 Princess of Honor by khkairi12 Waters Gleam by khkairi12                                               
Just listened to the new trailer song for Kingdom Hearts III. Loved the beginning up until that certain tapping beat came up and then it kind of lost the serene sound and feeling I get from her other songs for Kingdom Hearts. But that's just my opinion so far. Maybe it's still in the works or maybe the rest will out shine the noise. Also not a super fan of Sora's form in MI world but I'll be able to ignore it. Love his cute kitty face though. And when a certain character appeared to Sora it definetly killed the serious mood I would have expected from someone major like that person. I'm being vague to ovoid any spoilers if you are avoiding watching anything before game release.

                                                                                        $10 Bust shot/Waist/Halfbody/Fullbody                         $15-25 Full Detail Bust/Waist/Halfbody/Fullbody

                                                                                               $1 for each additional chara                                                         $1 for each additional chara


                                                                                          Puri and friend by khkairi12    Awato Christmas gift 2017 by khkairi12                                                    Chise and Elias by khkairi12   Magus Apprentice by khkairi12

                                                                          Will be drawn w/ simple or no background


It'll be for one character and one small character. Can be head-shot to full-body with full background.

What I can/won't draw 

  I do not do copyrighted characters. I have no problem if you get permission from other creators to use their characters. I will have no issue with any adopts you may have purchase/won from me or other deviants because hey, they're yours! And don't forget about your OC's! I find your own OC's a wonderful subject because they can be so diverse and unique and it's always exciting seeing new things! So thank you so much for listening to my terms and I really hope you understand them.
Ayano Tateyama (Bows) [V12] 




Sure buyers only!
I will only be accepting Paypal.
 Buying art with PayPal (by onisuu) or 
TUTORIAL How to pay art with Paypal for Skunkyfly (by Skunkyfly)
  • By you purchasing you automatically agree to my Terms and Conditions so please take a look first
  • Note me with:
    • The title 'Commission' 
    • Which commission you are purchasing and how you are going to purchase
    • How many characters (Adding more than two character will cost $1 more for each addition character. Not including any random background people.)
    • I will confirm your order by sending you your invoice.
I will not start commission until I receive full amount.
I am pretty quick to respond but please allow a wait time of a few days for me to message you back just in case.

It may sound harsh but it's to prevent future inconveniences, but if you back out of payment I will most likely never sell to you again.

What I'll be doing

I will need physical refs, along with any non-physical traits information. It will help me decide composition of characters.
  • Make a sketch of characters
  • Send a note to you with link to a watermarked sketch and any illustration notes. I will only allow minor changes twice. If unsure if it's something small please ask at this time.
  • Once confirmed final sketch there will be no more changing and I will get started on final composition.
  • I will upload and send you link to full size piece. Be sure to save file for I may eventually clean my account and remove it.

All payments through Paypal

Bunny Emoji-68 (Bouncy) [V4]


I have the right to use commissions for promotion, though this doesn't give me any right to your character designs of your own making.
When you purchase a commission from me you can make prints for decorative use or gifting, where you can not commercial it, sell, make profit from my work in any manner. You are able to upload on your account but MUST have my information as to who created artwork.
For any of my original species I have the right to reproduce for promotions.
Panda Emoji-07 (Snuggy) [V1] 
Any questions feel free to comment!
Updated 6/25/16: info on what can be done to commissions, edited prices 7/23/16: Corrected terminology of commission types Updated 8/13/16: added new commission types Updated 8/20/16: Added commissions list for Nightmares and commissioned characters. Updated 9/20/16: Added donating to my donation jar on profile as another payment method Updated 9/23/16: Organized layout, added my supplies, how to purchase, what'll do after purchase. Updated 9/26/16: New payment example added, by Skunkyfly 1/14/17 Updated prices.4/4/17 Updated prices. 5/16/17 Removed Payment by Points 6/5/17 Updated prices 6/10/17 Removed Watercolor commissions and added color pencil style
Wow although I've only been here around a year i'm so happy to celebrate such an achievement! This website is literally a family of artists and mentors I've easily come to love. With their words of encouragement and their own stories to share, I know that one day I will be able to make a name for myself here too. Thank you for creating a haven for all artists, whether they are those who speak through images or words, we have found ourselves a nice little piece of sanctuary.

So here is my Questionaire!!
1. For a bit longer than a year now.
2. khkairi12 means Kingdom Hearts Kairi, I love Kingdom Hearts and I love Sora, so I will gladly take Kairi's place hahaha
3. Uh, hmm, ehhh
4. I actually was left handed first but my mom trained me to be right handed.
5. My first deviation was Rainbow Girl. I still remember me making it.
6. Manga/Anime of course!!!
7. Manga/Anime of course!!!!!!!
8. ?... I don't know what their asking...
9. ...Manga/Anime of course! But anything that's beautiful really<3
10. Ooooo that's a toughie, I do love SOOO many but I have to say kawacy <3!
11. I would definitely meet Heldrad LOOMcomics  Awato
12. Oh gosh I have a handful of artist who help me, how can I just choose one!! of course previously mentioned artists and griffsnuff Hetiru and so many more.
13. Tablet/Computer and Tradional Pen/Pencil/Paper/watercolors
14. In my mind -@ haha Anywhere quiet or if something inspirational help me motivate the creative juices.
15. Getting my first Favorite!!! And of course talking with the people I watch!!!

If you've taken the time to read this thank you so much! I hope that this has been enjoyable and feel free to talk art!!!
I no longer have quick access to a computer so if i don't reply to any messages, except notes i can still reply to, i haven't ignored you or forgotten, i will reply when i can.

okay have a bit more time to type some info on adoptables, I'm drawing some adoptables still, and I will be coloring them in watercolor, to sell. When I get a computer and I don't like how the coloring came out I will be more than happy to recolor them. So far I have a lot of designs that would be good for stories, not to detailed, but i'm really wanting to make some cute detailed ones i'm just having a hard time getting inspirations. If you are not one to be able to think of characters designs for your stories I can make one for you too when I open my adoptables.
I got Sora!! Which Kingdom Hearts character are... by khkairi12
I didn't think I would but I did, and I answered completely truthfully, which where kind of sporadic sounding answers. I didn't know which character to expect really <3


It's so fun! ^-^

Let me know who you got!!!
soul eater gif by otakuangelxSAO2 gif by otakuangelxHiiro no Kakera by otakuangelxfairy tail op 15 by otakuangelxfairy tale gif by otakuangelxfairy tail op 11 gif by otakuangelxGuilty Crown by otakuangelxGuilty Crown by otakuangelxSAO by otakuangelxMaka and Soul soulmates by otakuangelxMaka and Soul walking by otakuangelxMaka finds Soul by otakuangelxMaka running by otakuangelxMaka walking by otakuangelxMilla and the Great Four Spirits by otakuangelxSoul messing with maka 2 by otakuangelxSoul messing with maka by otakuangelx
I call them Kuzcos :3 but what are these for? If you wonder on to this journal and know I would love to also know!!!

Opp well i guess i should update this and sayyy...yeah i kinda figured out it could be a bit of different things but it is all the same essentially.