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It's never to late for tea by khkairi12 It's never to late for tea by khkairi12
Done for Nemukuri and shinnoya OC contest. OC Contest || CLOSED|| Grace period in progress
These characters are alternate versions of Tooru and Yuuki in previous picture. It's so cute they are based of drinks! Ki is frozen lemonade, and Honeru is fruit punch! The idea of this cafe came from Alice falling down the rabbit hole but turned it into a secret cafe for  Ki and Honeru to visit. Ahhhh to be surrounded by all those books!<3
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Nemukuri Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
WAAA tysm for doing another pair! 

I love the depth of the art, and the perspective, you seem to demonstrated quite some mastery!

(Also let me know if you want critique/comments on the art, I usually include them as a part of my comment but I'm kind busy atm so...lemme know XD)
khkairi12 Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2017  Hobbyist Artist
Your welcome! It didn't come out as great as I wanted, I only have so many tries I can make to get the image I want before the paper shreds apart from erasing. Do not buy Master's Touch products!!! They suckk!! So sorry I couldn't get the shape of Ki's face right. I wanted to add hints of purple to background shadow but my paper/paint only diluted it!!! Sighhhh. I feel not working digitally really weighs me down in contests. You can always get better color and details most of the time that working traditionally. I'm still getting help to activate my clip art program but they haven't answered in almost a week! (sorry for extra life info)

Yes! I would love to hear anything I missed or can help with position of items and characters, background etc.
seralune Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2017  Professional Artisan Crafter
Wow gorgeous details again :love:
khkairi12 Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2017  Hobbyist Artist
Hug Thank you again!!! I'm just so relieved it came out so well! I was having a hard time painting the dark part at the top! The paint wouldn't work with me!!!
seralune Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2017  Professional Artisan Crafter
You are welcome :hug: It is really gorgeous :heart:
shinnoya Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Kairi you always pick such wonderful colours and concepts to work with!!
I really love the spin you took on the fall to wonderland (they really are so lucky to be around so many books haha) 
It looks like such a fun cafe to visit too (with a  wonderful name as well!!) hopefully nothing gets stained too bad ehehe
Your perspective is so wonderful too, it's like we're waiting at the bottom for them to come down!! Your poses are so great too, Honeru and Ki look so cool (and the white rabbit is so adorable ; 3 ; )///

thank you for entering another entry! we hope you have yet another fantastic week!!
khkairi12 Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2017  Hobbyist Artist
   Rose blushed - iconOH my gosh!Yamato Cute Shy Blush Icon Thank you!!! That is such a compliment!
Thanks! I thought it would be fun and dynamic to have them falling but still not stop them from having their tea. (I know!!! All those books! Hopefully plenty of fantasy/romance. And mangas!!Renge's Fantasies)
Thank you! It's just popped into my head as if it told me what it wanted to be called. I actually had a way different and boring background before but I just had to change it. Fortunately I had an inspiration and thought the characters would love a place like that. Hahaha this is a magical cafe. No stains are ever made! That would be dangerous to the books!
Shy Moe Blush IconOhhhhh Thank you so much! Honeru has SUCH a cool outfit. So cool >w<. I had a little trouble refraining my self from calling him Honey in my mind after seeing he how it's close in pronunciation. I know he doesn't like it! And I just love Ki's pants, shoes, and his simple yet cool one glove! Yeah I liked the idea of that little cameo of the white rabbit in both the pics. We all need a little white rabbit to show us the way to wonderful cafe's!

Thank you so much again for this opportunity and I hope you will have another "wonderful" week as well!
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