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Buying Art With Paypal By Onisuu by khkairi12 Buying Art With Paypal By Onisuu by khkairi12
Even though example is using CAD you will be choosing USD

Do not send money for art commissions with the Paypal app

Because it does not give you the option of choosing "No address needed".
I will refund the amount and ask you to resend the money from the actual paypal website 
So, if you are on your phone/tablet, go to your internet browser and send money through

When buying art commissions, choose "Pay for goods or services"

so you and the artist do not get in trouble from PayPal. Art commissions are considered a Service.

Under "Your Shipping Address", select "no address needed"

because you are getting digital art online, not something delivered to your house.

Dear artists:

You can use this handy site to determine how much money you will be receiving, after paypal fees are taken out.
- enter your commission price (ex. $25)
- choose your preferred currency (ex. CAD)
- choose "international or cross-border" so the fee estimate accounts for international customers
- the number you see is approximately how much money you will receive after the fees are taken out. (ex. When your customer sends you $25, you will receive $25 minus paypal fees)

example >> If you price a chibi at $40 in your commission info (and no extra charges are needed for extra details or complicated designs, etc), then your customer will send you exactly $40 through PayPal (unless they choose to add a tip). It is against the PayPal user agreement to make customers pay $40 + an extra amount to cover paypal fees.
What you CAN do is price your commissions so you will receive the amount of money you want after the fees are taken out. This means raising your prices in your commission information. The difference here is that you are advertising your commissions at the TRUE prices that customers can expect to send. You are not asking customers to pay extra (for the sole purpose of covering PayPal fees) on top of what was advertised, since you already incorporated all that into the commission price.

reference>> From Section 8 of PayPal User Agreement
"For Purchase Payments, the recipient of the payment will always pay the Fee."

- The artist is the recipient receiving money from the customer for a purchase of their artistic service.
- By using PayPal, you have agreed to follow their User Agreement, and failing to do so can allow them to shut your account down, so please do your best to avoid that. :D (Big Grin)

screenshots from

All this info, picture and text, came from the wonderful onisuu original->…

Also found another great tutorial 

TUTORIAL How to pay art with Paypal for Skunkyfly by Skunkyfly

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