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Hey guys!! I'm moving and submitting things at a new account so if you want to follow me it's eastdownpour!!! Thank you for your active follow if you're still following me on here and reading this ; 3;
I live and I'm hoping to remember to upload and update art more!!
Hey guys! This weekend is my last con of the year so please visit me at Long Beach Comic Con if you're going to be there 8D
Hey guys I've opened up an online ship for buttons and stickers~ Check it out here:

Thanks for looking~
Hey guys! I'm going to be selling at San Japan this weekend in San Antonio Texas! I'm at table G2 so please stop by if you can <3
HEY GUYS! Tomorrow and this upcoming weekend I'll be at AX at table D29! It's sort of near the copic booth so please stop by if you have the chance *A*
Hey guys! I'm going to be at Fanime in San Jose this upcoming weekend at table 207~ Island in front of the staff table in the middle of the island facing away from the staff table *v* Come by and visit and stuff~
Hey guys I posted this back when I first got a tumblr account but I've changed it since the initial posting~ If you want to see my art it can be found here:…

Thanks for looking :>
HEY GUYS! Back to back con weekends!!! This weekend I'll be LBCC (Long Beach Comic Con) at the Long Beach Convention Center and then next weekend I'll be at PMX (Pacific Media Expo)~ At LBCC I'm at table/booth 1103 and PMX I don't have a number yet but I will post it when I do 8D
Hey guys! I have a nice list of conventions to round out my year and here they are:

ComiKaze, Los Angeles CA - September 15-16 -
YaoiCon, Long Beach CA - October 12-14 -
Long Beach Comic Con, Long Beach CA - November 3-4 -
Pacific Media Expo, Los Angles CA - November 9-11 -

I also already have three conventions lined up for next year as well:

Emerald City ComiCon, Seattle WA - March 1-3 -
KawaiiKon, Honolulu HI - March 15-17 -
Anime Expo, Los Angles CA - July 4-7 -
Aaaah almost forgot to post orz Anyway I'll be at Otakon this year at table E08 8D I have half a spot so yea :3 come visit me and stuff!! I'll start posting more arts after Otakon yey!
Yo bros! Before I forget I'm gonna be selling at Anime Expo this upcoming weekend! I'm at table B-27 and I'm gonna be surrounded by all sorts of awesome bros so be sure to visit me too!!
Hey guys! Con season is coming up in about two weeks and I decided I should maybe post the list of cons I'll be hitting up this summer!!

Fanime - San Jose, CA - Table #107
A-kon - Dallas, TX - F-8 (upstairs =O)
AM2 - Anaheim, CA - H6
AX - Los Angeles, CA - ???

I'm going to have a ton of new stuff so please stop by~ I also may be hitting up Otakon too so I'll edit this/post again if I end up going 8D
Hey guys! I have a nice break from cons for awhile with Gallifrey One being an awesome hang out chill con, but in March I have KawaiiKon, Emerald City ComiCon, and Sakura-con within a month span that I'll be selling out! Here's more info for the next set of cons I'll be hitting up

Kawaii-Kon :: Honolulu, HI :: March 16-18 -
Emerald City ComiCon :: Seattle, WA :: March 30-April 1 :: N-12 -
Sakura-Con :: Seattle, WA :: April 6-8 ::

That's all for now *A* I'll also try to update more~
I know I just posted my epic list of cons, but just going to talk about ALA a little more specifically~ So ALA is coming up in about two months, the weekend right after New Year's and for those of you who have gone to ALA previously it's going to be in a different location from where it has been in the past. Instead of being in the basement floor we're going to be on first floor across from Starbucks so be sure to come visit and buy all the things 8D YES! I also may or may not be giving away Homestuck stuff to Homestuckers 8D;;

I will however probably not be able to display my stickers since, artists only have half table spots D= I will have the stickers and display boards behind the table so ask if you're interested 8D I think that's about it for now~ See everyone there who's going > 3<
HEY GUYS! So making a post for some upcoming cons for next year in general since I already have a fair amount locked in and one's coming up in a few weeks! So here's my line-up thus far:

Anime Los Angeles - Los Angeles, CA :: January 6-8  -
KawaiiKon - Honolulu, HI :: March 16-18 -
Emerald City ComiCon - Seattle WA - March 30-April 1 -
Sakura-Con - Seattle WA :: April 6-8 -
Anime Expo - Los Angeles, CA :: June 29 - July 2 -
ComiKaze Expo - Los Angeles, CA :: September 15-16
Pacific Media Expo - Los Angeles, CA :: November 9-11

Those are the conventions that I have locked in, and I'm going to for sure! I'm also aiming to hit up the following:

Fanime - San Jose, CA :: May 25-29 -
A-kon - Dallas, TX :: June 1-3 -
AM2 - Anaheim, CA :: June 15-17 -
Long Beach Comic Con - Long Beach, CA :: November 3-4 -
Yaoi-Con - Los Angeles, CA :: ????

I'm on the fence for the following:
Otakon - Baltimore, MD :: July 27-29 -

I think that's it, but I'm totally open to going to more cons as long as they don't conflict with any of the other cons I'm going to~ I'll also be posting more art soon because I've been slacking in terms of posting /o/

Anyway also if you're reading this and are interested in any of these cons drop a comment and I'll give you all the info I can :3
Hey guys! This weekend I'll be at LBCC peddling my wares and hoping for the best because I haven't sold at at a comic book convention before and omg I don't have anything original to pimp and I haven't drawn comic pages *SCREAMS* but I'll be there lol Anyway here's more statistical info:

LBCC - Long Beach, CA - - Table 1211 - Oct 29+30
ComiKaze - Los Angeles, CA - - Artist Alley Table 63 - Nov 5+6
PMX - Los Angeles, CA - - A2 - Nov 11-13

So I've more or less officially have gotten my table for PMX (Pacific Media Expo) and I'm at table A2 :3 It's the second table against the wall near the entrance so come say 'Hi' if you have the time 8D
Hey guys! I have my table assignments for Yaoi-Con and Long Beach Comic Con *A*

For Yaoi-Con I'm at Table 37, which is a foyer area table near Dealer's Room I'm near one of the entrances :3

For Long Beach Comic Con I'm at table clue what that means yet lol

ANYWAY if you're going to be at either be sure to visit me!!
So I didn't think I was going to have cons for awhile, but I ended up adding two more onto my list for this year! So in about two weeks I'll be at YaoiCon with a bunch of new prints just for this con. Right after that on Halloween weekend I'll be at Long Beach Comic Con with some more new prints and buttons, and after that I'll be hitting up ComiKaze hopefully! After that I'm hoping to hit up PMX (Pacific Media Expo) but we'll see since they haven't updated with any artist info yet :x Anyway for specific dates and locations:

Yaoi-Con - October 21-23 - Burlingame(San Fransisco), CA  -
Long Beach Comic Con - October 29-30 - Long Beach, CA -…
ComiKaze Expo - November 5-6 - Los Angeles, CA  -
PMX - November 11-13 - Los Angeles, CA -

So check 'em out!!
I know all my journal entries are about conventions but that's the only thing I ever have to talk about lol!

Anyway July 21st-24th I'm going to be down at San Diego Comic-Con! Being the nerd that I am....attempt to stalk Matt Smith and Karen Gillan (ok not really but I'm going to be all over that Doctor Who panel)

The week after that I'm going to be attending Otakon (July 29th-31st) and I will be selling at that convention~ I'm working on some new prints that I haven't posted yet so look for it! I'm at table P3-P4 with my buddies :iconkorilin: and :iconjokito: so visit us ok!! We're very nice 8D