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Sasuke Rope tutorial

By Khiorii
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I think this is in the right category ><

Anywho, here's how Sasuke's rope was made since the first sucked.
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If I can find the materials I'd love to try this. The "rope" that I made looks rather messy and is too short. ^^; [link]
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Thanks so much!! I'm being Sasuke for a convention, and I had no Idea how to do this! Thanks!!! :D
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Um, well the tubing looks like its a fabric based material so why didn't you just... dye it? Seems a lot easier.
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dyeing the rope went GREAT! the purple is a little light but i think it went well!
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do you think i could just Dye the tubing purple? it seems like a lot less work
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You could. It's definitely an option I thought of when making this. However, unless you have some experience in dying, the color might not come out like you would want to.
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that's a good point. i've dyed T-shirts before, and i've dyed my hair 1 time. i don't think i'll have a problem but thanks for the warning.
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OMG u have no idea how much this has helped me XD XD I was freaking out about how i would make giant purple rope! I :heart: u!
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can you get the tubing at wallmart too?

if not how much is the tubing a joannas?
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Im not sure if you can buy the tubing at wal-mart. All the walmarts i've been to have not had it. I paid like 48 cents a yard for the tubing. ;)
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Cool Tutorial on Sasuke's rope X3
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Is that a Tsubasa feather? X3
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XDD i put a spell on the tutorial that causes you to see things!
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Poo. Cause I like Tsubasa. XP
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LOL so do I :) I :heart Fai/Fye :love: We were planning to do tsubasa costumes this year but due to the news of the pregnancy, we're holding off on that until we have more money ^^
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Yep, he's my fav too! I think it's "Fay" but I always spell it Fai. I want his lil' snowy coat, it seems so snuggly. X3
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