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Sofia the First - Merkids

Inspired by :iconcherryloart: and :iconsnafucomic:, I decided to do my own bit of art inspired by the Sofia the First episodes "The Floating Palace" and "Cool Hand Fluke". Here, Sofia's amulet has changed not only her into a mermaid, but James and Amber as well. She introduces them to her friends in Merroway Cove, such as Oona, Fluke, Flip and Shelly, along with Sven the seahorse and Slim the pufferfish. Since I like to ship Sofia with James, I made him blush at how being a mermaid makes Sofia even prettier :D Plus, Amber blushes when she comes face to face with Fluke, perhaps remembering how he kindly pushed her float along at that party (…)

Characters belong to Disney, of course. See here for a full folder of stuff related to both this show and Miles From Tomorrow/Tomorrowland:…

Also, see here for The Little Mermaid: Land and Sea, my own personal version of Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tale (with some influences from Sofia the First):…
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It's beautiful merkids!
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Glad you like my rendition of them in these forms ;) :D
BlueMaxJrBirdsTAFFan's avatar
I know. Should I have a hug?
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Err... why do you ask?
BlueMaxJrBirdsTAFFan's avatar
*Hugs you* 'Cause I want to.
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Thanks! It was fun to draw :D
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This is great :D I would love to see Amber as a mermaid in the show ;3;
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Me too. Especially if they added in a few more fun moments with her and Fluke :D
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