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Only Takes One Drop

Haha, a new MH character c:

Title inspired by this song: [link]


Name: Jennifer “Jenny” McKnight

Age: 14
Date Of Birth: December 2, 1998
Grade (if a student): 9th/Freshman
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Occupation/role: Student

Era of death (if ghost/undead): N/A
Cause of death (if ghost/undead): N/A
Orientation: Straight
Relationship status: Single
Dorm Room/Roommate (leave blank if you want to be assigned one, ask if you know who you want):

Likes: Most music, superheroes, Marvel, comic books, Supernatural, theatre, singing, acting, Science, History, Astrology, Thinking about random things, Video Games, The Beatles, Plumb, The colors Black, Purple and blue

Dislikes: Being disrespected, drama caused by other people, modern rap, Nicki Minaj, sexist jokes if they’re taken too far, not being taken seriously, being pitied for her disability, bullies, thunder/lightening, food that’s so spicy that it feels like your mouth is on fire

Personality: Headstrong, stubborn, sarcastic, blunt, very perceptive of the feelings of others, mischievous, playful, easy-going, tomboy-ish, can be very perverted at times, outgoing, hyper/energetic half of the time.

Bio: Jenny is the bastard child of a business owner in Oregon state. She was born with a stub as her right arm, which caused her father to constantly worry about her growing up. When she was in first grade, some students tried to bully her because of her arm, but Jenny stood up for herself saying, “I was born this way, and I’m proud. My parents love me and I love myself.”

As she went on with school, the bullying continued, but not as frequently. In middle school, Jenny joined the drama club there and realized that she loved performing. She started to express herself through acting.

When she was in eighth grade, Jenny’s parents finally got married and they decided to move the family to a town in West Virginia. Her father discovered Misery High, and insisted on sending Jenny there, hoping that she would get the proper care and education she needs.

Additional info:
-Despite her appearance, she can be pretty perverted
-Customizes her clothes to make them easier to wear
-Likes coffee, but it has to be either sweetened or decaf
-Metal music sometimes helps her sleep
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