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fusionPUNK airship WS WP

A special one for you all

+textures + motion blur + widescreen
stats in the info bar below.

Widescreen render with full textures etc.
Im starting to work on something else now so i dont really have time to touch up some areas i would like to

Happy Easter!

EDIT: not sure why it wasnt showing up on my user page, changing from png to jpg format
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wow that is amazing can u tell me what software do u use to make sketches na d 3d work and what tablet do u have ?
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I use 3dsmax and Vray to render , i dont really sketch before i just model what i feel like :) hehe
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absolutely love it. even inspired a 3d model i've been working on, although i'm nowhere near your level
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thanks, im glad you liked it :)
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This is simply stunning.
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This was featured on my blog here.

love the work keep it up :D
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oppss i put it in the wrong folder :(
great work man :D
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Hey, any way we can get this without the pointless bar of information at the bottom?
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the vibrant colours :O the beautiful sails! Wow! I'd love to fly with this beauty now ^^

A Steampunk Adventure RPG
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dude, this is just and modernized Weatherlight ... like EXACTLY. I don't know if this was like a one in a million chance, cause your gallery seems legit, but like one-for-one this is the "Weatherlight" from magic the gathering.
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No idea what you are talking about :D
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wow that ship is realy somethin O.o
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Its.. Magnificent, this Aircraft is truly a masterpiece..
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wow! wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :judge: :clap:
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Amazing as always friend oO.
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qiang han!!cool
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really pretty work =)
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