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Chopper WIP4 - Geometry

Starting to work on textures from now on. Pretty much happy with the overall geometry (will be doing minor tweaks if i feel some parts look abit off while doing texturing)
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This looks like an American version of the Russian Hind attack helicopter; only more graceful, powerful, and maneuverable!.Spoopolis Cage 
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Great work! I've never done any sort of 3D modeling, but I've always thought it was a total mind-stack that somebody can do something so detailed and immersive in a 3D environment.
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thanks :) i just feel relaxed when i create things
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You must have a really vivid imagination, then! I am still working on creating full-scale compositions. >< My vision is still limited from lack of practice. Keep up the great work, I'm looking forward to seeing more!
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Not always, but i find browsing work on DA great inspiration :)
There are some great artists on here
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That there are! I'm going to keep practicing til I join the ranks...!
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Yep the only way is practice!! I havent been practicing much lateley either :(
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Yeah, life can certainly get in the way sometimes. All I can do is try though!
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your 3d work is really pretty
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Gorgeous and incredibly Hi-Tec looking Facility!superb work! :-)
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Very nice!! Check out mine too yeah? (:
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This takes me back to  Final Fantasy VII & VIII for some reason.
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if i get to get out of town going here
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wow that must have taken u a greta deal of work ... its great !
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It seems like a positive-tron version, fantastic!!
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That looks pretty big for a chopper.
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That's a big ass chopper.
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I must say, the detail!! Thats incredible!! What software was used for this?
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3dsmax and Vray, sorry for the late reply!!
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