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Carrier Concept Final

By kheng
Final Version of carrier concept, Altered lighting
Background image thanks to
:icongrace-stock: can be found here: [link]

EDIT: Tweaked the bloom values thanks for the tip :icondxbigd:

EDIT2: Im very honored to have this piece featured as a DD. I have spent a while on this and I am quite happy with the outcome :)
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spacecityphototeam's avatar
i searched for 3 hours to find this picture because i love it that fucking much awesome work dude!!! 
kheng's avatar
wow 3 hours ! haha glad you like it dude :))
tiago820's avatar
qual foi sua inspiração ? 
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MajorWraith's avatar
Strange design, but I liked it ...
kheng's avatar
SnakeOfLegato's avatar
Amazing! Even if it was just a Carrier ship, I'd love a personal one of these. It just looks so cool!
kheng's avatar
Is this a model that you will release? I am a game developer and I am working on a 3d scifi game and iv simply fallen in love with this ship. Id give credit, of course and a link back to your DA page. 
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Habatchii says;

very well...
Subtorch's avatar
WOW! I saw your other versions of this ship but this paint job takes it away! Incredible.
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Duskie-06's avatar
Very nice!! Check out mine too yeah? (:
RHerbert's avatar
INCREDIBLE. Simply Stunning. 
RNeiva's avatar
Reminds me a game called Taikodom
kheng's avatar
Will definitely check it out :)
Small-Brown-Dog's avatar
Hell, such a great concept and so well executed - I stand in awe.
Totally fabulous work
kheng's avatar
kilo139's avatar
for the search catagory of "light carrier" i will fav your design as all the other stuff was either unrelated or really fuckin gay. sorry for lang, jsut expressing my opinion..... epic design, reminds me of a killer whale.
Aegis482's avatar
This ship is beautiful, nice work!!
But how is this a carrier? It looks more like a Cruiser or battleship. :D
Redknight09's avatar
this is awesome how did you mange to render this scene with all these details ? how many polygons ? did you render it in one shot or you rendered each view separately then compile it later. like the basic forms then lighting then shadows then background..but, anyway this final rendered is very cool..

and do you have illustrations for the process by stages to see how the final result came..

thanks for this great work you rock
kheng's avatar
Thanks, It is all rendered in one camera. THe scene itself isnt actually that complicated because i mainly modelled just what you can see in view and nothing more!
I took a more iterative design approach, as i do with all of my work, more like 3d doodling than having a fixed design from inception, letting the complexity, details and functionality develop in my head
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cheers glad you like it :)
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