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More than just a voice now.

By Khelt
My Ideal response to the Prequel update when Sigrid finally show's she's Evil! >:l

This is basically what would happen if I was more than just a voice in Katia's conscience.

Mr. Brown Khajiit is actually supposed to be my Skyrim version of my Oblivion character while still wearing his clothes from Oblivion, which is Beggar's Shirt and Black Wide Pants.

Most of this picture belongs to Kazerad, seen in the last Frame here [link]
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Khajiits, miserable thieves and skooma junkies
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I love that idea. I think we all just wanted to jump into the picture and rush to Katia's rescue during that scene. Well, show her what we think of her way of treating our favourite klutzy khajiit lady!
SpaceRaptorPeacock's avatar
I really love this one! Your character is kicking Sigrid's @$$. Show her who boss :D
Khelt's avatar
Indeed :)
Of course this is before I started my own series for that character (K'helt), he technically does not exist in this time-frame :oops:
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Sigrid has a dark brotherhood contract on her head and you have interfered, my only option is to congratulate you
Khelt's avatar

Must I destroy you vile servants of the void again!? :oops:
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Hah! I've far suffered far worst than you
Khelt's avatar
Well then, how about we further that line between us! ;)
Khelt's avatar
You said you have Endured much greater pain than I have, Let me further that standard of how much MORE Pain you have felt compared to me! :evillaugh:
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*Draws Windshear* come at me bro!
drey-the-wolf's avatar
YES!!! KILL HER! after seen that update I jumped to oblivion AND KILL HER IN ALL THE WAYS POSSIBLE!
Khelt's avatar
Lol, that would take awhile :|

did you Clone her then let them fight to the death? :)
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Hahahaaha! You read my mind.
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honestly I'm not mad about the latest update of Prequel :/ Sigrid /did/ put the personality mini game to use on Katia without most of the readers even noticing it and if you think about it, when you're going through the quests, sometimes you've gotta do manipulation of your own, persuading people into giving you the info or items you want. plus, it seemed like she also used some sort of potion as well which would've probably boosted her personality/speechcraft then all she needed was that one small compliment to finish the job.

I actually laughed. I liked it. I liked how Kaz took something from the actual game play and snuck it in there like this, as if to demonstrate how it'd look or work in normal conversation. It's creative. Sure, it made me facepalm a little inside but I don't get why anyone's being so rash about this. I'm still very interested to see how things turn out in the next page because to me, it feels like once there's an update, people who have raged about this update will have raged and left/stopped reading for nothing.

that's just my oppinion on this whole thing. this coming from someone who only recently started playing oblivion in november and am near complete with the game [and its expantion packs] where I've grown attached to the ES universe and this comic is demonstrating things in a humorous manner while still keeping it realistic to the game.
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He's been sneaking things like this related to the game in the story, Katia's telekinesis spell thingy is just her holding the button to move things around in Oblivion.
For my opinion, I refuse to manipulate anyone for Role Playing reasons, it's too evil and I feel deserves multiple fuzzy fists in the face :)
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lmao my boyfriend's been pestering me to go kill sigrid in the game which I'm tempted to just for the hell of it but then again, My Khajiit's a bit mad in the head... especially after visiting the shivering isles xD
Khelt's avatar
Crazy or not, everyone want's to punch Sigrid :D
CheezieSpaz's avatar
I finally went and killed her.... then got kicked out of the mages guild as Arch-Mage because I killed a member of the mages guild. good thing I didn't save xD
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katia should be a summoner
and her sommons can be some of the voices
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