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Scales tutorial

By Khelgar
One way to assemble scales from The Ring Lord.

1. Put two split rings on one scale.

2. When looking at the inside of the scale with the two rings the one on the LEFT will ALWAYS be slid into the split ring with the outside of the scale facing you.

3. When looking at the inside of the scale with the two rings the one on the Right will ALWAYS be slid into the split ring with the inside of the scale facing you.

4. With both scales on the inside of all three scale should be facing you and the split rings should lay flat.

5. Expanding to the left, put two more split rings on a new scale and slide the bottom left scale from #4 into the split ring on the right side of the new scale.

6. Slide another scale onto the left side of the scale you added in #5 and remember that since this scale is going on the LEFT side you must slide it into the split ring with the outside of the scale facing you. Repeat #5 and #6 until you have the width you want.

7. Add two split rings to each of the "lower" scales. Note: the scales will not stay nice and neat as shown in the pictures at this point you will have to keep putting them back in order until the piece gets larger.

8. Add scales onto the new rings as shown. The thing to remember is always look at the scale you are adding the new one to. If adding to the RIGHT side then the INSIDE of the scale you are adding should face you, and when adding to the LEFT side the OUTSIDE of the scale you are adding should be facing you.

This is not the only or best way to do this and I am only trying to help others learn how to do this.

Download for full size!

Good luck!
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Search and google will provide. Nice way to show how.
lady-amethyst's avatar
Oh my gosh, this is wonderful to find!! Thank you for sharing this!
Mr-Alicates's avatar
Thanks for the picture! It helped me a lot, specially the comments pointing to the use of specific ring sizes :)
Khelgar's avatar
Your welcome!
Khelgar's avatar
Glad it helped, good luck!
Thank you so much for posting this.  Was about to give up out of sheer frustration trying to work the diamond patterns out to a proper size when I came across this.  Have got more done in the past couple hours then I did in the week previous.
clockwork-eden's avatar
I just bought large scales from and realized I didn't buy rings. There are so many rings! How do I know which ones to get?
Khelgar's avatar
Hi there, if you look on the page with the scales and look at the large scale description it will tell you that you can use the split rings (which they sell at the bottom of the page, they have them for large and small scales) sold at the bottom of the page.  The also tell you what size to use if you want to use the regular rings, 16g 5/16" for the large scales.  Let me know if you have any other questions!
clockwork-eden's avatar
I promise I looked maybe I just skimmed over it in my nervousness :/ thank you so much!
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No problem, let me know if you need anything else. :-)
kaykenday's avatar
is it possible to do scale-mail over a shirt of oriental 6 in 1?
Khelgar's avatar
Certainly you could put the scales over anything, you just have to figure out how and where to attach the scales to the piece below it. The scales are put together much like the regular 4 in 1 so you could even use the rings that hold the scales together along the edges to build your oriental weave off of instead of laying the scales over a finished piece.
hookahbill's avatar
How long do you think it took you to make a vest of this? I was thinking of making one for when I do fighting in the SCA/MSR events I go to. I was thinking of chainmaile but I think this would look nicer and be something that would stand out.
Khelgar's avatar
The large scales actually go together pretty quick once you get in a rhythm. I am terrible at guessing times but if I really wanted to I think I could put a vest together in a week or two. I highly recommend using the split rings if you are going to fight in one, no chance of scales coming off when hit.
I may have to try working with these scales again got so frustrated with the small scales,may just order some of the large ones and try working with them, Inot giving upon this,Thank you Khelgar for sharing,
Khelgar's avatar
I tried the small scales first and put them away for over a year because I got frustrated trying to get them right. I got some of the large ones and it was much easier to figure out with them. Once you do figure it out it really becomes easy, that was why I made this tutorial in the first place was to try and help people figure them out before they get fed up trying to get them to go together.

Good luck!
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there it is, my first try :) ; [link]
Khelgar's avatar
It probably needs to be at least one or two rows thicker to keep it's shape, that is one downside to scales. It is hard to tell from the front but it doesn't look like a bad start! :)
BritesKyrea's avatar
oke :) will try that then, should have plenty of scales lying about ^^ thank you!
BritesKyrea's avatar
well i've tried the first bit now, and no matter what i do i can't seem to get it tidy.

as in; when i make 4 rows of scales, in v-shape (i hope *g*) the scales wont stay in place, they keep shifting from their origional place. leaving my tidy rows, wich have to go under-over-under etc, in a big messy heap going everywhere :p

allso; the same to look flat when on their back, but when i turn them upright, they become bulky.. like open spread feathers ^^

will post a pic tomorrow, i gave up for now *g*
Khelgar's avatar
When you first start it will not hold it's shape at all. One way thing that may help is put a string or wire in the top row and let that hang down from that and it might help you keep it in shape. You could hang it from a board or even a hard back book just something that you can keep it hanging at an angle.
BritesKyrea's avatar
i'm going to post my first scalemail piece in a sec so you can look at it.. it doesn't look bad i'm just afraid it will never stay the way it should
BritesKyrea's avatar
awsome :) now i can finally try this out! allthough i'm planning on using it in V-shape and in two colours! ^^
Khelgar's avatar
Scales work great in a V shape so that shouldn't be too hard. Make sure you post some pictures when you make something!
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