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Illustrator Coloring Tutorial
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By kheelan   |   Watch
Published: March 30, 2007
© 2007 - 2019 kheelan
This is what works for me and I tried covering all my bases, but if I missed something...or confused the blazes outta you, let me know okay?
I relize the file size is huge, so sorry if that's a problem.

Think of it as my way of thanking you guys for sticking around so long [four years, geez]....if there's any other 'How-To's you might be interested in, let me know and I'll see if I can help or not.

Forgive any typos...knowing me I'm sure there's a few.
And I have no idea why I started drawing Darth Maul...weird whim I guess.
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Cool stuff! Check out mine!!
Feel free to check out my latest.
tincopper2's avatar
tincopper2Hobbyist General Artist
NOT PERFECT? Well it's damn well near perfect!
UntoldPromises's avatar
UntoldPromisesStudent Digital Artist
WOAH! Amazing job! Thanks :D
phoeniqx's avatar
phoeniqxHobbyist General Artist
Omigosh this is so brilliant! I love the shading tips you had, thanks very much! :)) I'm trying to learn Illustrator and have been looking around for coloring tutorials and this one really helped. Thanks so much for posting this up! :)
KebaSiRota's avatar
KebaSiRotaHobbyist General Artist
You probably posted this years ago, but I just found it today. I'm just commenting to give you a big THANK YOU because I'm going to put this tutorial to good use.
Luigigurl's avatar
LuigigurlHobbyist Digital Artist
itd be nice if you could link the inking tutorial to your picture in the description because I can't find it in your gallery :( Thanks :)
Red-London's avatar
Brilliant! Helped me a LOT and fast, thank you!
ObscuroArcanum's avatar
ObscuroArcanumProfessional Digital Artist
This will be useful for when I get Illustrator. Thanks!
putridCheese's avatar
putridCheeseProfessional Digital Artist
Thanks for this.... darth maul tutorial. :D
Flowteau's avatar
FlowteauHobbyist Digital Artist
I don't understand how to subtract with the pathfinder. What tool do you use to trace the smaller shapes that you cut out?
KirikaZukii's avatar
KirikaZukiiStudent General Artist
Ohh .

I'll try it

Thankss =D
Charlie020691's avatar
Charlie020691 Interface Designer
Hello, I'm trying out this program for the first time. As I'm an architecture student I'v inputted a pdf of a plan and now I want to fill an area. This method doesn't work for me because I don't seem to be able to draw straight lines... Are there a tricks for that?
It actually comes down to this: there's a non-closed area that I want to give a certain color. I'm looking for a tool to select that area with straight lines (not necessarily horizontal of vertical) and to color it...
Can you please help me?

(I'm sorry for my poor English)

spiritobscura's avatar
That's probably the best illustrator art tuto I've found yet. Others are just either too overwhelming or too quick to understand.
arthuro12's avatar
arthuro12Hobbyist General Artist
I thank you a f**kload for this tutorial
achaziel's avatar
achazielHobbyist Digital Artist
neat-o. this will come in handy one day. thanks for sharing ^^
bbunnystudios's avatar
I will be trying this out! Thanks :D
Weztphoto's avatar
Thanks! Illustrator is an Vast and sometimes lonely place :D Your tutorial is Great!
kennyportfolios's avatar
hey! i knda go ur idea and made 1 bt nt ur tute i jst lukd at it and drew :) [link] btw thnkx :)
McBr33wtal's avatar
McBr33wtalHobbyist General Artist
Did you draw the "inks" in illustrator?
Thanks for an awesome tutorial! :)
nickvasko's avatar
nice tut i think this will help me with a piece im currently having trouble with... thnx alot
puppetfangirl666's avatar
Thank you thank you thaaank you! I took a class on using Illustrator, but they never even mentioned coloring whole pictures in the program - they just told us to use Photoshop XD Anyway, this tutorial did me a world of good! Thanks again!
teastwood's avatar
ahhh this is great! i've been having trouble colouring in Illustrator but this helps alot! =D
popzz's avatar
popzzProfessional Interface Designer
Thanks! Great tutorial! I´ve had a small war with Ai, but now it seems much easier.
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