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:bulletgreen:The Kingdom Hearts Club (KHClub), the name says it all really: a club for all KH fans, doesn't matter which game; if you love KH then this is the place for you. We ask you to take the time to check out our rules before submitting anything to the galleries.

:bulletgreen:The perks of becoming a member: You can join the contests held here at the club and you can submit once a day!

:bulletgreen:Joining our group:
To join our group you simply have to click on the button that says "Join our group".

:bulletgreen:How to submit:
There's a button called "Contribute" click on that, or, go into the group's gallery, find the folder you need to submit too and click on the "+" sign to submit to a folder.

Submission Rules:
:bulletblue:1.Your submission must be KH related. FF and OC's are allowed when submitting them to the appropriate folders: "Cross Overs", "OC's"

:bulletblue:2.Please make sure that when you submit a cosplay picture, it is instantly clear who it is you are cosplaying.

:bulletblue:3.We are open to any art style, but we would appreciate it if you didn't submit scrapbook material.

:bulletblue:4.When you submit a piece to the club's gallery, make sure to submit it to the right folder.

:bulletblue:5.Use the mature content tag when it is needed!

:bulletblue:6.We do not accept any deviations containing original game artwork in them. As it is Copyright Infringement.…

:bulletblue:7: Specific to Fanfiction: We kindly ask that all fanfiction is spell checked and proof read before submission.

:bulletblue:8: No KH bashing - this is a Kingdom Hearts fan club, go hate the game and characters far away from here, thank you.

:bulletblue:9.Submissions are automatically approved, but please note that the moderators will regularly go through the folders to ensure everything is in the correct folders and fits within the rules mentioned above.

:bulletgreen:Who moderates this club?

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Gallery Folders

Sora Cosplay - Kingdom Hearts 2 - Hero Of Light by DakunCosplay
There's Always a Way - Aqua by xariin
Your Job is Finished - Kingdom Hearts by uhavethekey
KH III - Sora The Keyblade's Chosen One by createandshow0407
My Girlfriend by crimson-firelight
Hiding from the yandere corpse groom by LovelyPrincessN64
Happy Birthday Noctis by LovelyPrincessN64
Riku by perssondraw
Artwork - FULL 2
Mad by Genesisi
I'm where I'm meant to be by VaneKairi
Fullmetal Kingdom's Crimson (colored) by 4xEyes1987
Terra by ClaireStryfe
Artwork- FULL
Connected by One Heart by AbnormallyNice
Scent From Heaven by Mobis-New-Nest
ROXAS and NAMINE : Fill Me by annria2002
stained glass by sheenaduquette
Aerith Gainsborough as Namine by LovelyPrincessN64
Tifa Lockhart as Bayonetta by LovelyPrincessN64
Sephiroth as Beelzemon by LovelyPrincessN64
:KH3 Xion Cosplay: by Chiyubelle
Poor Isa by InkAndQuillPen
Nakoma and Vigdess by RainbowPonyFairy
Kingdom Hearts: Aqua's Goddess Ascension pg 1 of 7 by Zecrus-chan

Mature Content

Positive and Vanitas 3 by RainbowPonyFairy
Positive and Vanitas 11 by RainbowPonyFairy
KHOC: Event 24: Hobbyists by BurningArtist
a by bottomlessBOX
apprentice Xehanort and Lisa 3 by RainbowPonyFairy
Plushies and Crafts
Monster Roxas Plush by Nikicus
Posable Monster Sora Plush 2 by Nikicus
Posable Monster Sora Plush by Nikicus
Don't Step On The Flowers! - FFVII Inspired by thingamajik
Wallpapers and Stamps
I love RokuNami by roseprincessmitia
Top 10 Fav Subs 4 Donald N Goofy in later KH Games by 4xEyes1987
Top 10 Fav Tracks/Songs Better Than KH3 FinB Theme by 4xEyes1987
WHO VS Organization XIII Members by 4xEyes1987
Doll and Figurine
We are friends, right? by Hallsth-Eien
3D renders
Rosy Evening by LexaKiness
Cross Overs
King Mickey Vs Master Yoda by Danno712
Lynneth (Keyblade and RPG) by rambobrosreloadit

Random from Featured

Kingdom Hearts 2: Planet Ultra part 1
Part 1
*Sora, Donald Duck, and Goofy are once again off to a new world to explore. They soon come across one, by the likes of which they've never seen before; a clear, green planet, surrounded by large floating landmasses circling it's core which bears a resemblance to a galaxy*
Sora: *amazed* Wow!
Goofy: Never seen a world like this before.
Donald: You said it.
Sora: What are we waiting for, lets check it out.
*Both Goofy and Donald nod in agreement. But before they could even leave the gummi ship, the light from the world hits them with strong energy causing them harm*
Sora: Man, what strong light!
*But thanks to the magic of Sora's clothes instead of harming them, it turns them into energy with Donald and Goofy "merging" into Sora as if entering a drive form, and are then sent down to the world*
*Once there, Sora is beamed down on the world, the same way like in the Pride Lands. He looks around and sees that he's in a city mostly composed of a reminiscent green crystal material*
:icondragonofbrainstorms:dragonofbrainstorms 13 6
Sora Ultra Forms by Nightrizer Sora Ultra Forms :iconnightrizer:Nightrizer 354 26 the key to unlock hearts by meeshafirefox the key to unlock hearts :iconmeeshafirefox:meeshafirefox 19 0 Yuna - Magic Forest by SoraPaopu Yuna - Magic Forest :iconsorapaopu:SoraPaopu 71 13
Kingdom Hearts III: Into the Great Yonder Ch. 2

The room goes dark and the red neon lights turn on. The spotlight hits on Sora and Wander with their eyes closed. Donald, Goofy and the rest of the army become the audience, screaming and cheering for the guitar players! They look up at their fans and Wander starts playing his banjo, which sounded more like a rocking guitar this time as well as Sora’s Keyblade! How awesome did they sound? Well here’s the best description!
Peepers wake's ups next to a huge sound stereo.
Peepers: “Oh what’s happening?”
He sees Wander about to play his solo first as he turns the volume on his banjo to 11!
Peepers: “Oh no, everyone down! cover your -”
The first note is played as the stereo booms Peepers’s ears, shooting him across the room!
Peepers: “Aaaaaah!”
*Gameplay* As Wander plays his solo first to start, soon Sylvia follows by playing the dru
:iconzaidan:Zaidan 20 18
Sora x VII by AurelGweillys Sora x VII :iconaurelgweillys:AurelGweillys 57 4 Vanitas by Comoglio Vanitas :iconcomoglio:Comoglio 552 31
Kingdom Hearts 2 Frog and Toad pt 1
Part 1: Spring
*Once again Sora, Donald Duck, and Goofy have opened a new path way. Once back on the gummi ship, they see Radiant Garden in the distance*
Sora: What do ya say guys, shall we pay a visit?
*both Donald and goofy nodded in agreement*
Sora: Ok.
*So they've decided to stop at Radiant Garden to pay some friends a visit*
*once there*
Donald: Been a while since we've been here.
Goofy: yeah.
??????: Well, well, well.
*The trio see an elderly man with pale skin and thin arms and legs. His nose is a bit large and his black eyes are rather small and close-set. He wears spectacles with circular lenses. He seems to be balding and has short, white hair on the sides and back of his head. He also has bushy eyebrows, a walrus mustache, and a long, floor-length beard, all of which are white. He dresses in a sky blue cloak that stops just above his ankles and has large, hanging sleeves. He wears pointed slippers and a tall, floppy, conical hat, both of which are the same sky blue color as
:icondragonofbrainstorms:dragonofbrainstorms 2 3
KINGDOM HEARTS by Irene-Rodriguez KINGDOM HEARTS :iconirene-rodriguez:Irene-Rodriguez 501 55 Kyrie Eleison by Starcanis Kyrie Eleison :iconstarcanis:Starcanis 781 140 Kingdom Hearts Real Stained Glass by anime-echo Kingdom Hearts Real Stained Glass :iconanime-echo:anime-echo 25 0 KH II - Try to Smile! by AriB-Rabbit KH II - Try to Smile! :iconarib-rabbit:AriB-Rabbit 366 108 AkuRoku Day Animation by Hofftits AkuRoku Day Animation :iconhofftits:Hofftits 106 14 seiner: a happy moment by orenjiproductions seiner: a happy moment :iconorenjiproductions:orenjiproductions 24 3
Xigbar's Song
Xigbar: ♫ I broke a sitar on Demyx's head; ♫ (Demyx's crying)
♫ Some idiot squeal on me. ♫
♫ I made Roxas drunk in bed; ♫ (Axel approved)
♫ Some idiot squeal on me. ♫
♫ I took a leek in Vexen's urn; ♫ (Vexen's experiment blew up in his face)
♫ I made Xaldin's meal extra burn; ♫ (Xaldin's kitchen caught on fire)
♫ I smoked Marluxia's favourite fern; ♫ ( Marluxia's plants turn to ashes)
♫ Some idiot squeal on me. ♫
♫ I'm part of Organization 13 ♫
♫ Xigbar is my name ♫
♫ I'm part of Organization 13 ♫
♫ If anything goes wrong I'll get the blame ♫
♫ I used Larxene's knives to cut her hair; ♫ (Larxene's bald and in rage)
♫ Some idiot squeal on me. ♫
♫ I pour crazy glue on Xemnas's chair; ♫ (Xemnas is now stuck)
♫ Some idiot squeal on me. ♫
:iconancientwisemon:AncientWisemon 33 24
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