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Princess Hannigan by KHCloudStrife Princess Hannigan :iconkhcloudstrife:KHCloudStrife 0 0 Awesome fantasy... buh? by KHCloudStrife Awesome fantasy... buh? :iconkhcloudstrife:KHCloudStrife 1 3
Shattered Memories - Ch.VI
Shattered Memories Saga
Ch.VI – The Obstacles of Friendship
By: Andrew V.
The ground shakes with the explosion of the factory and the sky lights up in a fiery blaze of dust, metal scrap and blood. Demeyez swims with the flow of the current to reach the end of the sewage pipe, for behind her lies a lifeless breath of fire feeding off scrap and flammable sewage. Demeyez is kicking as fast as she can, squirming her body like a worm with her arms at her waist; her eyes are closed, but her mind is wide open with thoughts of Rakoon and his fate.
Demeyez can feel her body getting warmer and warmer as she continues to kick. The blaze behind her pursues her death; just like the others who wanted her dead when her father had abandoned them in Teynkah. Just then she heard a loud screech that made her open her eyes, the sewage thickness stinging them. It was a roach. There was a roach also pursing her; she looked back and could see it, wingless with only 3 arms and its upper body and head swi
:iconkhcloudstrife:KHCloudStrife 1 7
Jan6-2010 Desktop Screen by KHCloudStrife
Mature content
Jan6-2010 Desktop Screen :iconkhcloudstrife:KHCloudStrife 2 2
Teenage Mutant Ninja Squirtle by KHCloudStrife Teenage Mutant Ninja Squirtle :iconkhcloudstrife:KHCloudStrife 61 17 Goth Reba McEntire by KHCloudStrife Goth Reba McEntire :iconkhcloudstrife:KHCloudStrife 2 2 Rayde The Clown by KHCloudStrife Rayde The Clown :iconkhcloudstrife:KHCloudStrife 1 5 WIP - BBH by KHCloudStrife WIP - BBH :iconkhcloudstrife:KHCloudStrife 4 0 Mreowww by KHCloudStrife Mreowww :iconkhcloudstrife:KHCloudStrife 3 68
It's just history
You live, then you die.
Everything in between your life and death, it's just history.
You live, then you die.
The history of your life doesn't matter, you just live and die.
:iconkhcloudstrife:KHCloudStrife 0 22
Rakoon sits near the spire - W by KHCloudStrife Rakoon sits near the spire - W :iconkhcloudstrife:KHCloudStrife 0 32
Shattered Memoires - Ch.V
Shattered Memories Saga
Ch.V – Burning Cold
By: Andrew Vargas
There, buried in the snow lie truth, secrets, life, death, time, memories. In the snow, thoughts, breath, sight, movement, all lie frozen. In the snow, creatures walk above what is buried underneath and try to survive these conditions. In the snow, there walks Rakoon, walking with a limp leg as the cold wind blows against him, with frozen waste on him, and a frozen hope, in the snow he walks.
In these snowy fields, there is no time, there is no light, and there is no sign of life. Rakoon feels he is already part of this field, and every step he takes just seems to make no progress. His wounded leg has slowed him down,  but something in him keeps helping him walk toward a way out; shelter in his own mind with company from the voice he hears in his dreams, now becoming more frequent in his thoughts. He walks a straight path, every direction seems to be the same, and they all lead to nothing. He turns around once
:iconkhcloudstrife:KHCloudStrife 0 11
What Happens?
What happens when two people say they love one another?
They become happy and overcome any obstacle.
What happens when one falls?
The other helps them get back up.
What happens when one is scared?
The other comforts them into safty.
This is what happens when two people love each other.
What happens when one shatters the bond between them?
What happens to the person who caused it?
They become engulfed with rage, torment, sorrow, remorse and redemption.
What happens when they first reach rage?
Words are said and actions are done, unforgivible each.
What happens when torment swallows the person?
They reach confliction inside the state of mind; sorrow remains.
What happens when sorrow is left inside to feel?
There is no feeling, a hollow black shell with a dim light inside.
The dim light are remnants of the love before it was shattered.
Burning inside is the source of bond between the two again.
Remorse is shown and redeption is born.
What will the person do for redemption?
There is no ans
:iconkhcloudstrife:KHCloudStrife 0 34
Sawks: The Feline Fantasy by KHCloudStrife Sawks: The Feline Fantasy :iconkhcloudstrife:KHCloudStrife 3 17
Shattered Memories - Ch.IV
Shattered Memories Saga
Ch.IV – Grey
By: Andrew Vargas
"How many days do we have left, private?"
"Tomorrow is the last day captain. Do you think we can defeat the enemy in time?"
"We have to, or else we all lose. We must use whatever force necessary."
"But sir, we can't penetrate their final defenses; we lost all our heavy artillery penetrating the planet's orbiting defenses."
"Well... we have to think of something before our deadline. I hate being in the army, it's always a lose-lose job."
"Your orders sir?"
"Pull out. This aircraft is our only chance."
"What do you mean sir?"
"I mean I'm going to crash this spaceship on my own to pierce the enemy's defense."
"Sir that's suicide! Besides, no robot would do that unless directed by the emperor."
"That's why I'm going to manually navigate this ship as I crash-land inside their last line of defense. After I crash this spaceship, the troops should easily take-down the enemy once behind enemy lines."
"Sir, are you sure?"
:iconkhcloudstrife:KHCloudStrife 2 63
Shattered Memories - Ch.III
Shattered Memories Saga
Ch.III – Path
By: Andrew Vargas
Rakoon and Demeyez stood still on a small, dirty, worn-out wooden cottage on top of a dry sludge hill and let their minds absorb what their eyes have shown them. They both looked in awe. Awe of how once a beautiful planet that had gone through hardships, the people managed to finally set aside their differences and clean up their planet; now that long fought for effort, reduced to a toxic waste ground.
“Look at this place. Who knew Earth could be a dump. I remember watching some of their shows on the T.U., everything looked so clean. Guess Earth did a good job at making scraps and junk look good eh?” Spoke Demeyez to break the silence between the two. She looked at Rakoon for a response. Rakoon stood there, still looking at Earth with a daze in his eyes. Demeyez began to stare at Rakoon, what could have he possibly looked at in all the sewage, debris, junk and scrap before them? Demeyez tried to get Rakoon to respon
:iconkhcloudstrife:KHCloudStrife 2 16

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United States
Current Residence: In a house(BOOYA!. . . no offense to the others >.>;)
Favourite genre of music: Metal
Favourite photographer: Peter Parker
Favourite style of art: Gothic
Operating System: Windows XP Home
MP3 player of choice: Winamp / PSP(I want a ZENw)
Shell of choice: uhhh, sea shell?
Wallpaper of choice: Rain Of A Thosand Flames
Skin of choice: Dawn Of Victory
Favourite cartoon character: Lord Kanti (Furi Kuri)
Personal Quote: whatever, fancy, meh
  • Listening to: Donkey Kong Country 3 OST
  • Reading: Metal Gear Solid text on the game majigger
  • Watching: How I Met Your Mother
  • Playing: World Of Warcaft, Job hunt, Life, MGS: Twin Snakes
  • Eating: Your air.
  • Drinking: Coffee
self explanatory.

Also. I really wanna draw again, but I can't draw with the computer in my face. I end up sidetracking then playing World Of Warcraft for a bit. If not that, I end up playing some old nostalgic games (NeS-PSX years with a bit of GCN here n there).

Funny thing is. The stuff I want to draw IS ABOUT the nostalgia I've been coming across.
That and Scott Pilgrim :O

Anyhow. I gotta make up a new password later, but I probably wont. I rely on auto-logging too much. It'll be my downfall one day.

I should get back into photoshopping and Illustrator(line art / vector work).

I'm lazy, and there's like, 300 things on my notice majiggers. I have an urge to skip em all, but some of em are Devi b-days, so I'll just say it here. Happy belated Devi b-day.



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