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As you can see i suck at coming up with titles (and art). This is requested.
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Imagine her pulling a Treasure Planet and be like "He's lost his mind!"😂😂😊
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This is so Sasuke like, I love it :love:
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can't guarantee what answer sakura's gonna give tho lol
CameDorea's avatar
Mwahaha, I think she should let Sasuke doubt and not give her answer right away :evillaugh:
FReiKeizsha999's avatar
he wasnt even asking shes commanding her lol but im still a sasusaku fan!
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Well that's Sasuke for you :DD
khattriya's avatar
he's still a little bit whoozy because of the sedation he was injected with (or something...idk) but sakura's answer is up to ppl's imagination lol
DennySakura's avatar
Oh God! Say I do!! Squee Bounce 
:love: Nice work! :clap:

khattriya's avatar
She probably won't. Sasuke needs to try harder than that to get sakura lol
DennySakura's avatar
For sure! He has to drag a little longer for her. Is that I'm too weak for him!=D haha

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Oh man, Sakura should so not agree. It'd make her look toally naive, like she has no self-respect whatsoever.

I love her,  she's my fav but for Sasuke to say something like this, so casually, as if he was simply catched by the spur of the moment Ah well, I like her, so, what does it matter anyhow. It'd be like marrying a complete strainger, nooooo!

Sakura, no, hit him squarely. Sasuke's got to set things straight with everyone, show that he's worthy her affections.

I really like your style, but that kind of thing would result in me losing my respect for Sakura. 
khattriya's avatar
I didn't think much about what her answer would be, It's up to the viewer's imagination...(personally, i think sasuke has to try harder than this to get sakura)
Doujin-Maker's avatar
So true! He needs to try much harder~! :iconteyuplz:
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Naruto watches this happen
Naruto: * faints*
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Sakura!!!!!!! Say YES!!!!!!!! Lovely Shoujo Emoji (Senpai notice me) [V3] Lovely Shoujo Emoji (Senpai notice me) [V3] Lovely Shoujo Emoji (Senpai notice me) [V3] 
khattriya's avatar
She has to, it's a command I am a dummy! 
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oh I wish this would happen!!! Naruto Dancing nose bleed 
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If if were to happen, i would want sasuke to be more....well, he could have done a better than job than commanding her to marry him
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Oh Wow!! Sudden and kinda sweet XD
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it's sooo random though :P
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I'd be even MORE random if it was Kiba.
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 Someone call a medic!
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