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I did this a few days ago. Someone from tumblr asked me to do this. You guys have any drawings you want me to do?
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How about Sasuke meeting Sakura's parents (Of course Kizashi would crack some weird vegetables joke to which Mebuki would scrowl, Sakura face-palm and Sasuke.., well xD )
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I'd really love to do that (i might soon) but i'm not very good with puns...
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I dont have a vegi pune but i have a friut one: you two make a great pear
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lol i might use that one
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Oh God, so beautiful *-* I liked so much õ/
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I swear my heart dies everytime I look at this...So damn gorgeous.....Never stop....SASUSAKU
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I will never stop drawing these two Yay 
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Loving this!! I kind of pictured the same thing lol xD 

Nice job. Would you do more Sasusaku fan arts? 
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Of course! Currently i'm working on an ss comic! But more fanarts are coming up!
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awww hopefuly this is gonna happen in the manga ;) or the opposite where Sakura hugs Sasuke :) I like this, its quite tragic, Sakura face looks like shes been knockout and can barely understand what has happened
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Yeah i hope so too. Ppl told me she looks like she's dead lol
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wonderful love it <3
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haha, thank you!
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Is sakura dead?
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Hmm, not really. She's supposed to look like she's just woken up from 'death' or something like that though i failed so she looks like she's dead lol
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till awesome 
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Amazing. :love: Nicely done. :thumbsup: 
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