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Lord Tony Stark of Winterfell by Khasis Lieb

A mashup between Tony "Iron Man" Stark, and the House Stark of Winterfell, from "A song of ice and fire"
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just incredible!! love his expression and the firelight on his hair and fur...and the expression on his face. oh man, there's a whole universe in this one image. thanks.

It's an awesome piece of work. You've made him fit perfectly into the family of House Stark with their clothing whilst also adding some nice nods to the MCU. Oh how glorious it would be to see him interact with the other characters...

Totally awesome work!  I can just also imagine Bruce Banner being a Maester, who developed an elixir to become a big (green) brute that becomes Tony's trusted bruiser on the battlefield, Rhodey as a loyal bannerman, and OOOH, Pepper as Lady Stark!  Maybe Obadiah Stane as the traitorous Lord of the Dreadfort?  I think I might've gone too far with this...

Anyway, I love it! :) 
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Tony is too smart for being a stark 🤣! Anyway great job!!
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Amazing. All it's missing is his direwolf, Jarvis xD
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Very cool idea :-)
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"I will be reinstating Prima Nocta"
Looks like Joffery is in for some unpleasant political developments.  And by "political developments" I mean "repulsor ray to the face".
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Had he been there, I think the Starts would have survived the White Wedding!
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lol, the pommel. Didn't realize it at first :D
great work!

Tony must be a bastard son though... He's way too funny to be a Stark :D
hell yeah haha
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This is a beautiful work of art!  My only complaint is that he should probably be called "Anthony Stark" instead of "Tony," since the latter sounds a bit too modern in my opinion.  Other than that, this is great! 
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Too much awesomeness on that work ! You made an amazing work ! The idea, the concept, the style, the details... Everything is perfect ! Perfect work ! Congrats ! 
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thanks, i much appreciate !
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This had to happen someday. I knew this had to happen someday.
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this is
just yes
all the awards.
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Tony Stark is the proof that the Starks will eventually team up with the iron men of Pyke.
Sorry for the spoilers.
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This is exactly what i thought when i first heard the house of stark haha
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More like Lord of Manhattan
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Wow. Now this is definitely ORIGINAL. Very nice crossover idea!! You executed it perfectly, too!
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