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Happy New Year!!!! by Khasdannyanlord, visual art

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Artist // Student // Traditional Art
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born in khasdannya evil and wicked!

Favourite Visual Artist
Pedro centeno vallenilla, hyung tae kim, finlay cowan, tom loockwood, wayne reynolds , moebius, michelangelo buonarotti
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whatever not boring
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soundtracks instrumentals
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mitology, erotism, fantasy
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tooo many
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Final Fantasy series... Rpgs! Monster Hunter, castlevania
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whatever i can get on my hands!!!
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Monster Hunter, erotic art, concept arts, porn, fantasy, nudes, mitology
AFTER FIVE HOURS I FOUND THIS!!! and is shit like all eclipse!!! this excrement mode is no intuitive and i cant find anything and all those ... well those who are doing "tutorials" are lie us they are offering only placebos and the staff stay silen
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THE LAST UPLOAD!!! yep is sad but ill do it im tried so hardly upload things form early using the new format (eclipse) and no i couldnt! so now i will upload the last one pieces using the remanents of the new format because the admins cant read the t...
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sorry for this... i am on the pc from the 7:00 o clock trying to writhe this and upload things on this new "eclipse" mode... and you know what happen?... yes it crash! and crash and crash and AGAIN!!! CRASH!!!! some guy on the office ask me "hey whay are you on that page of a floating llama?" oh god... i dunno what will happens here man i try to give a chance to this new.. exc... sorry this new mode but it no works! i cant find anything! and whjen i find it... it crash!!!! and the help center? it no helps nothing! only put lies and dead ends... i suposse what this is the future right? a new slaugter house whose walls are made of excre
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Finally found your gallery after an hour almost searching for our conversation on that Gem Fragments journal post!

Great artwork, you really know how to draw and the ink/pencil works you do are very motivating. Keep up the great work. With that level of artist talent, you should have a better experience on an art site like DA.

Keep up the great work, and wherever you go, don't stop drawing fantastic stuff!

thanks i never stop drawing because i breath like that ... really thanks for all the time you have spend with this grumpy creature like me... (and excuse me by my weird english im spanish from venezuela) see? take you AN HOUR! for find my gallery... in the old site the good ol one you only click on teh name of teh artist and poof! you go straight there now here no happens! i hope find a new place but still sy the same... DEATH DISGRACE AND DESTROY TO THE ASSHOLES WHO RUINED THIS PLAAAAACEEEE!!!!!

feells so good scream that ... oh and have begun on many videos of memes and jokes around internet people be accused for be stupid or do idiot things to themselves and they answer "what you think im a deviant?" so if this become popular... ooooh boy

Yeah, it take take awhile to actually see your comment and get to your gallery. TYPICALLY, when someone replies to a comment I made, I fight out who it is, what comment it was, and what journal or artwork the comment was originally made on, like this:

Secantz (includes a link) replied to your comment (includes a link) on DAStaff's journal (DAStaff and Journal are both links). This way, I know the context of what happened. What did I write, what did the reply say and what was the original post that i commented on.

With the DAStaff journals, however, this has not been the case. I do not always know what specific comment I had a reply on, or who sent the reply. Sadly, there is no record of me even replying back if I click to get rid of the comment. There's a "removed" section where comments and activity you click "x" on goes to, before they are thrown away. Our conversation never ended up in removed OR even my history of comments in my "About" section, which I keep if I need to find a comment quickly. All the other artworks and journals I might comment on do show up in the proper places, just not these DAStaff update journals.

It's clear that the Eclipse update doesn't work for you, and it's the same for many others on here. If you have to leave, you have to leave. That decision is up to you. I have no issue trying to help people out when I can, it may not always work, but at least there's someone, or many someones who are willing to try and lend a helping hand.

no man you are a super hero and the unique one because the other ones come like zombies instead say "braaains" they say "eclipse wooorks"

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Hello Khai2000, We appreciate your participation in our forums, but there are certain discussions which we feel are not appropriate for our public forums and threads which consist mainly of complaints or gossip involving other people are one of those subjects, and your thread here qualifies as such. We’ll be closing your thread and we hope you understand the reasoning. In the future if you feel the need to discuss matters involving other individuals I’d suggest that you keep our site etiquette policy in mind and make use of your personal journal rather than our forums.

ok i still i dont know how reach here... because yoru new format excremental "eclipse" is useless no intuitive and i cant find anything... can yo utell me about whta are you talking? because i cant and i mean I CANT FIND NOTHING ANYTHING HEREEE!!!! so could you explain?

you are the greatest man!