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Wonder Woman

Another not so new piece that I had honestly forgotten about, but I found it digging through my archives and felt it still stands up reasonably okay. I see a few things I would do differently today but whatevs. Color by Kanila Tripp.

On another note, did any one see the Wonder Woman DVD that came out a little while ago? That thing was awesome.
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tomytieneblas74's avatar
Amazing, the pose and her proportions work well. Along with the skyline. :)
krysis08's avatar
I like the style ^^,
Wytherwing's avatar
a very cool WW piece! :nod:
Barricade379's avatar
Great art. Can I give a request?
Salvador-Raga's avatar
Love your style man!
KharyRandolph's avatar
Thank you kind sir.
StarGnome's avatar
Love how you drew her boots.
UDeeN's avatar
Love the line-style
TrekkieGal69's avatar
I really need to get that DVD.
KharyRandolph's avatar
You should, it's really good. :)
Grigori77's avatar
Ha! Who needs some piddly invisible jet anyway?
jtchan's avatar
I really like her facial expression!
jfrison's avatar
i own a poster of this! it's awesome!
KharyRandolph's avatar
And that's what makes YOU awesome, Jenny.
JoniGodoy's avatar
I love that style!

Very dinamyc!! Pencil and Ink, right?
KharyRandolph's avatar
Just pencil, no ink. I rarely use ink.
E-Mann's avatar
Great job on this piece.
bathill8's avatar
Nice man, I run across older stuff every now and then and I'm like, how'd I frigg'n do that?
KharyRandolph's avatar
Yeah, it's a trip. Sometimes I'll draw something, like it, then a week from then hate it. Then come across it two years later and be like "damn, that wasn't so bad." Lol.
thenorm76's avatar
Beautiful work...
Roses077's avatar
Cool!!I remember I used to watch Justice League...she and Batman make a nice couple!!:D I love that pose.
Your artwork is the best!! :D
The-Real-NComics's avatar
That's a cool work for sure!
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