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Tech Jacket 6

Color by :icone-mann:
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If you make a new banner, I think this should be the image you use. :D 
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Hi! apology, you know if there will be one soon tp , I see such intereza this series and since I missed the first 5 numbers
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Its Great art. I hope read this book, but I m brazilian and I live in Brazil, and so much qualities comics dont bring in here.
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please!! it's so epic!! :D :D :D 
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I LOVE your work on this book! I hope you stay as long as Ottley is on Invinsible. 
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Thanx man. We'll see!
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Unless it came down to you replacing Ottley should he ever leave Invincible (God forbid). But in my opinion, you're the only one that could take over that book.
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Totally killer! 
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Your take on this character is so awesome. You have brought so much cool flavor I never knew it needed
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Yeah I'm a pretty cool guy, haha. 
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Yes! Your sensibilities just resonate with me. I should probably get a thesaurus lol
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Bottom line, I do appreciate it. Thanx. :)
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I want to read this so badly, but I have no one to drive me to a comic book store. 
KharyRandolph's avatar! You'll never need to leave the house again!
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