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After seeing , I knew what had to be done.
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I could totally see this as a comic book.  A team up with Rocket Raccoon . . . Marvel could be making tons on this.  LOL  Gizmo Duck too!
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Your art has been featured on our Awesome Alt Art blog! You can check it out at: [link]

All the best!
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That's cool! I never would have thought of a combination like Mickey Mouse and Wolverine.
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dear God.................
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im' the best there is at what i do, bub. and what i do, is sit on parade floats at disneland.
Do another one with the classic big eyed & smiling Mickey... Except holding a huge mug of Canadian beer whilst flipping through a "Penthouse Magazine".

I remember in Uncanny X-men #129 Wolvie being in a soda shop at the magazine rack looking at "Hustler Magazine"with a big smirk on his face with Peter (Collossus) embarrassed looking over his shoulder while storm talked to kitty pride at the table during their first meeting.

Flip the page & Wolv is now looking through a "Penthouse" when the shop keeper taps him on the shoulder - "This aint a 'Liberry' (SIC) fella!". Wolv says he "doesn't like being tapped, bub". Great scene.
Yeah, I saw this piece somewhere else before seeing it here too.

Great idea.

I think it's Iconic.

Disney should grab it - and PAY you.
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You know what would be entertaining? Tazan + Spiderman. Any type of crossover/character merging would do :D Could teach each other a few tricks perhaps.
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ppppppppffffffffffffftttttttt :XD: :rofl: :XD:
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Two words...hilariously awesome!! :D
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that is epic beyond words
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Ha-Ha, let's go bub!
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lmao... i love the little x buttons
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I've always hated Marvel, so I don't give a fuck what happens to it.

But I still like this.
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This HAS to happen
like... right now...
or wolverine in kingdom hearts 3
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