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Esmeralda from Hunchback of Notre Dame

My favorite and the most underrated Disney Princess. Even though she's technically not a princess.

Done for Ashcan Allstars: [link]
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Like the action in this piece. The tone is amazing even though it's low in color.
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I love this piece. Super obsessed with the music right now!
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I agree--Esmeralda is such a great character in the Disney movie. In the book she is very young and naive to the point of being annoying, but Disney was able to tweak her character in a way that made her kind and brave. She is a wonderful contrast to the dark, twisted character of Frolo.

Your drawing of her is lovely--I really enjoy how you have stylized her face.  
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I've always preferred her over the Disney Princesses. Awesome work!
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amazing! a few people remember this movie and it's on the top of my favorite
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she looks beautiful!
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M-mm, dat lady:heart:
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Oooooh! She's gorgeous! You've really captured Esmeralda's attitude!
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beautiful and sensual!
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Beautifully drawn - you've brought out her sensuality and given the drawing a fluid grace. Thanks for sharing... :)
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My favorite Disney heroine :heart:
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One of the darkest disney movies. No one ever gives that movie its due. great work sir.
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The non-princess disney girls tend to be the best. Esmeralda is no exception. Great flow on this piece.
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Yes! yes! A THousand times yes she was underrated! just watched this movie today too. also loved the design on Phoebus. best non price ever!
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I love how unbelievably sultry she looks. And the sepia tones are a nice touch too. :)
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I think she may be the few Disney female protagonists who's main design focus was to be sexy? I mean, that's pretty normal elsewhere, but Disney?
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Yeah, she oozes sexuality in the movie. Which is a bit disconcerting at first when you realize you're watching a Disney flick.
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Also with one of the most loathsome let believable villain ever.

They keep reminding you with the stupid gargoyles.
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