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Chaotic::Lord Von Bloot 2

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This card had about a gazillion layers, two colorists and took forever, but I think it worked out pretty well overall. This is actually not the final print version, because there were some tweaks that 4kids wanted done that I wasn't so crazy about. So this, to me, is the best version.

Von Bloot and Skithia are two of my favorite Chaotic characters to draw. :)

Color by :iconjayaxer: and :icone-mann:
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joker105Professional Artist
He's still alive even after the time portal 
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lonelynightrainHobbyist Writer
This is amazing!!!
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Was this card planned on being released in Fire and Stone?
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GorgoniteGirl21Student Digital Artist
did anybody know that von bloot is majerinths son
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He’s not Afjak. When Najarin said, “Forgive me Afjak,” he was referring to fact that he had to destroy Dranikus Threshold, which was his only clue to figuring out what era of time Afjak ended up in, to prevent Von Bloot from changing history.
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I love the Krekk at the bottom, he's hilarious. x3
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Great job on this. You definitely captured the cunning bastard that is Von Bloot. XD
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So fantastic and dark!
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nejo233Hobbyist Photographer
luv this 1...simply excellent :)
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Haha, i didn't see Krekk their before. He's hallarious.
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That chess peice of Iflar looks really good. u should try and draw him sometimes. Wait- wasnt it you whos drew that awesome pic of him and i said u were like my god and all that? Yeah.......................... nevermind about drawing Iflar.............

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Ha. Yes, I may have drawn him once or twice...or created him. Maybe. ;)
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Well i know for sure you didn't create him, or maybe... naw. But he is totally AWESOME!
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Honest to God, I really did create the character. Or at least, the look for him.
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Wow, thats amazing! the chaotic people must of saw it and were like, woww!!!!! he's gotta be in the show! (haha, bummer for mudeenu._)
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THIS IS FREAKING AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Y'know, it's stuff like this that makes me think chaotic would have been amazing if it had had a tad more mature setting. Van Bloot is such an awesome villain, with his perfect side-kicks, the half-wit minion Krekk and the enigmatic enchantress Skithia. Art like this just calls for something like that.

Well, anywho, amazing art none the less. Dunno how you do it.
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I'm totally agree with you
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I see the new queen of the hive :-)
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Yeah ya do. ;)
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Can you please post the new queen of the hive image and perhaps Illexia and give a little on one or both of them please .
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i forgot backstory in their
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yamieggmanHobbyist Traditional Artist
So you are the one who does the drawing for 4Kids?
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That would be correct.

Not the only one, but I did a great deal yes.
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