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Tutorial - Embossing Texture

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Alright, as promised, a tiny tutorial on how I apply alot of my detailed texture so quickly. It's a tiny tutorial because to be honest with you, it's piss easy to do, and once you realise it's in there, you'll wonder how the fuck you managed without it.

Originally Nebezial gave me the idea to utilise it, so props to him for showing how it was done on dragons. I believe he uses it a ton on his armor designs to amazing effect.

I'm abit more subtle with my use of it though, and tend to apply it sparingly. Like any method, overuse of this will ruin your artwork, so by all means experiment, but when using it proffessionally, don't over do it. Less is more.

Hope you guys like!
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Sun-DragonessHobbyist Digital Artist
is there a download for these brushes?
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KatyaTheButlerHobbyist General Artist
do you maybe have any idea on how to do this in Painttool Sai??
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Not the artist but a long time SAI user.  Sorry to say you can't do this in SAI, that's why for some things you will need to use Photoshop or an equivalent that has embossing, texture fiddling and brush options.
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KatyaTheButlerHobbyist General Artist
ah, thank you! it's a pain SAI doesn't have options like this, I myself can't work with Photoshop at all, I just can't figure out the controlls. thank you again for taking the time to answer my question!
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No problem!  I think it can be troubling, but there's are several really great youtube videos and image tutorials out there if ever you decide you had some time to fiddle with it.  :)
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KatyaTheButlerHobbyist General Artist
hmm, hadn't thOught abOut that yet, I'll give it a gO sOmetime :3
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xCluBearx Digital Artist
thanks for sharing! :heart: :)
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AshesBProfessional Digital Artist
ahh, awesome tutorial!  thanks :)
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Free-FallingProfessional General Artist
I cannot thank you enough, this is genius! <3
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sayna-jaye Digital Artist
Saw this floating around Tumblr [and it actually had a source YAY]! I think this is brilliant, thanks for sharing [I know it's been a couple years but still ^^;]
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Thank so much. But there is one problem......... I have PS Elements and it doesn't have that button.
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Ah.. I don't know how to help you then. I've never worked with Elements. ; ;
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D: I would want to get Adobe PS but its expensive and I don't know if the school I go to will give me a license for it.
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TWISTEDFREAK666Hobbyist General Artist
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Welcome! ^^
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HAiRYxOySTER Digital Artist
Will give it a go, my thanks :]
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Can't wait to try this out. Super thanks for sharing your tricks!
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wow~ Thanks for sharing this~:hug: This will help so much with some of the pictures I am working on~:dance:
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Sephirosu-nechanHobbyist Digital Artist
heh.. awsome! it is really easy...but gives off a cool finish! thanks for the insight in your way of doing things!
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