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The Corsair

The Flagship of Sith Lord Naga Sadow, the Corsair saw heavy action in nearly every major battle of the Great Hyperspace War.
Much of the vessel's structure is dedicated to amplifying and projecting Sith magic, capable of destabilizing stars and causing massive damage to other vessels.
Surviving the Hyperspace war, the ship was entombed on Yavin 4 to later be recovered by Exar Kun.

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• Designed for my project Golden Age of War, set during the Tales of the Jedi era.
• Modeled in 3ds, designed as a game asset. (Remastered old work)
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Yep, first read the graphic novel series when it debuted back in the 1990s, Tales of the Jedi, the Golden age of the Sith. They were the original race of Sith people. Naga Sadow the original dark lord, piloted this ship, the other Sith ships looked similar. Entombed, recovered by fallen Jedi Exar Kun and used in his Sith War, destroyed when Kun betrayed a follower he wanted to get rid of, to pilot the Corsair between two unstable stars which then flared and killed them. Good rendering.

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Likewise, I picked up my first copy from a gas station shelf on a 30hr road trip to Iowa, ever since I have had a love for that era and it's stories. Thank!

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I really can't help but imagine the ancient Corsair being discovered by the Rebel Alliance, unearthed, and innocently pressed into service several millennia later

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Surly it's dark essence would have a corrupting effect, possibly even pushing Luke just far enough to the edge that he falls when Vader confronts him.

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Remember the Rebellion was pretty strapped for ships in the early days of the Rebellion and Luke doesn't join up until just before the Battle of Yavin, so maybe the Corsair is already redeployed elsewhere under Rebel command with it's corruptive energies already taking hold in some angry rebels looking for revenge for some past Imperial activities.

It likely would be had it not been destroyed during the exar Kun war
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Just watched a video about Exar Kun, nice to see this

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It's a beautiful ship with a nice history, I've never seen any other interpretations.

Your welcome 🙏
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