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Onderon Pritarr Class Gunship

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With the yearly crossing of the Demon Moon flooding the planet with aggressive predatory beasts, the threat of the fledgling colony being overrun is ever present. While the capital city of Iziz is still building the needed infrastructure for heavy weapons manufacturing a stop gap measure was needed, this came in the form of the Pritarr Gunships. These small warships are capable of space and atmospheric flight, employing their considerable speed to respond to beast incursions threatening outposts or the very walls of Iziz itself.

Armed with 4 Blaster Cannons, the gunship can dispatch both beast and strikecraft with ease.

• Follow me on Twitch to catch builds as they happen:

• Designed for my project Golden Age of War, set during the Tales of the Jedi era.
• Modeled in 3ds, designed as a game asset.
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