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Onderon Orbalisk Class Light Frigate Textured

These fast and nimble light frigates are armed with 4x Type-1 double turreted laser cannons, granting them considerable firepower in close range knife fights with other smaller warships and strikecraft. However this light armament comes at a cost, being of little threat to mid grade lineships and even to some larger destroyers. 

With Onderon lacking any major shipyards, The recently established Onderon Royal Navy has formed it's defense fleet from retrofitted colony fleet support vessels. The Orbalisk class of frigates found themselves converted from small landing craft once used to ferry colonists and supplies from the orbiting colony ship to the planets surface. Small, fast and sturdy these ships serve largely in a defensive role, patrolling the Japrael system, preforming interdiction and anti-piracy duties.

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• Designed for my project Golden Age of War, set during the Tales of the Jedi era.
• Modeled in 3ds, textured in Photoshop and Substance Painter. D
• Designed as a low poly game asset.

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Very impressive you are really getting good with all the details of your ships.

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Thanks, I've loosened up the polygon limits as my eyes are set are on more modern engines which opens up a lot more territory for detailing

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Thanks Warrior!

Your welcome 🙏
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I really enjoy your golden age ships. I like how you try to have multiple designs like a real navy would. Just wait when you have a couple fleet designs people will stare asking to make game mods based on your ships. Keep up the great work.:)

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While Star Wars has always played very fast and lose with the definitions of naval vessels, as a naval buff I strive to impart some realism and believability into the craft I create as I find that it can greatly increase immersion and the importance of each ship.

And yeah, I've been getting requests for my work to be in mods for years and years, and while I have mostly reserved them for my own personal modding projects my work will be featured in both the SW: Fallen Republic and Legacy of the Old Republic mods for Stellaris.

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