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Core Galaxy Systems Dreadnaught

Built for planetary assault and landing operations, these large vessels were heavily armored and carried numerus weapon systems as well a sizable hanger for their many landing assault craft.
Generally manufactured for the Republic's navy, occasionally these intimidating ships would find themselves in the employ of underworld crime lords.

Modeled as seen in Tales of the Jedi - The Saga of Nomi Sunrider

• Follow me on Twitch to catch builds as they happen:

• Designed for my project Golden Age of War, set during the Tales of the Jedi era.
• Modeled in 3ds, designed as a game asset.
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Looks like the Twilight from Clone Wars

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I suppose they are both blocky asymmetrical ships, although I have never been a fan of the Twilight as a feel it's deign lacks balance.

True but still a good ship though
Wow this is really cool, are you gonna do the sith dreadnought and republic ironclad esq cruiser's from that time?
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I do have a Sith dreadnaught and several Republic vessels on the way.

I look forward to seeing them, I think I have picture reference for the sith dreadnought if you want it.
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Thanks, it will be a remaster of a model I made years ago, much like most of the Sith vessels currently posted, but I would not mind seeing what you are referring to.

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