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this a quick drawing of an OC I did for someone I know
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Yoh this looks damn professional
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Daisukidesu! Kono yōna subarashī koto o tsudzukete kudasai!
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Well, damn.
That's really good!
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That PERSPECTIVE tho- 👌👌😩
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I love the perspective and shadows on this o3o
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Wow! Amazing design and beautiful colouring OwO
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Dude you stole my fuckier pc
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i love this so much great job
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Wow I love it !! ( ╹ਊ╹)  He has such a nice style !!
By the way, I like your coloration, it's so original and, again with my developped vocabulary, nice ! LazyIcon I wanna use - 14 OwO 
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Probably one of the best OCs I have ever seen. :)
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That's really cool !
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Hi! I am looking for Ocs to animate! If you are intersted, contact me!
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Do you have any links to previously-made animations? I'd like to see them.
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I don't have any uploaded.
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Well, I hope to see any future productions!
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