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FF girls: Fran

Fran from ff12
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Nice one on Fran, like how you've captured the mood & background well enough (true to the original piece)

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Wow, khanshin This should of gotten alot more views in that year.
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Nice colour! xD
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One of the best Fran arts I've seen.
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Gorgeous@! rEAlly beutiful piece!
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I like the hair around her neck :heart:
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This is amazing! I love the detail of Fran and the city. :la:
Wow! Very good. I love Fran! She´s my lovely charakter in FFXII.
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Its awsome but what city is it behind Fran? :D
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Absolutly beautiful!
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A little more love for Fran is always welcome.
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I do so find the Viera dress-code amusing: doesn't it ever get cold so close to the Feywood?
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what an amazing work ... just awesome :wow:
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my favorite character from ff 12
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That is beautiful and well made, Great job!
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TTThe background is breathtaking in-game and the buildings designs are complicated, you mastered replicating that.

How did you even paint the intricate details on the armor? I envy your skills.

This is thebest fanart Ive seen of Fran to date.
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oh my... *__*
I love this picture <DDD
Very well done <33
much love to this work! =D
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Stunning. Soooo great. I am so impressed with hair, you are really talented. Her cleavage is an absolute dream come true. The background around her is so complete and busy! Her armor is so detailed...I can't tell you how great this is!
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The myst is strong on this one!!
congrats, it is amazing
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